Can do? Cannot do?

A friend shared an article about another friend who managed to accomplish something awesome! Because I haven’t be able to do it.

And there is a quote in the blog,

“You’re never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream” – CS Lewis

I haven’t completed my full marathon yet, and I aim for one. But somehow I feel it’s a very high mountain to climb.

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Not good enough

Me and procrastination seems always a good friend.

I want to post something and procrastinator-me will say, do you have time to write a good blog? You usually have little patience to compose a post with good flow, have you thought of the title, and many other questions.

Yes, the procrastinator-me sounds like me at work when dealing with projects. I have a series of check list which I usually ask my colleagues to ensure the project can be done properly.

The procrastinator-me is perfectionist. If I can’t deliver the best, it will be a shame.  Why you deliver half baked blog post, no one cares about your thought. Too many people have poured their thought in the Internet, right?

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Conspiracy theory

When you want to get something, sometimes the universe is just conspire to help you.

I heard about that quote from The Secret book and I thought, really?

Recently I saw this from my Pinterest,

If you want something you’ve never had. You’ve  got to do something you’ve never done

If you want the situation in your team to change, you have to do things that you think it’s too much effort (I’m just want to live peacefully within my hamster ball, please don’t create trouble)

If you want to be able to run 21km, train more and build up your stamina (don’t you realize that your stamina actually had been improved from barely able to run 2.4km and now you can complete 10km)

And this morning, disqus digest sent me a notification from a blog post that I commented 5 years ago(!!!), there is always some meaning behind things happened to you.

Learning from the past

One of the best tips I learned recently is from a PMP book from Head First series. The best way to learn and remember what we learned is by repeating same thing in a different way. 

Which brought me to a feature from Facebook, called “memory” which tells you what happened to you at today’s date but in the past.  

I found it annoying at first because of the notification but I become liking it. Why? 

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Why feeling uncomfortable can be a good thing for us

First lesson from life this year is about being humble.

When you had been working on a project or doing what you have been doing for some years. you probably started to think that I’m the expert.

Well, definitely wrong.

There is a saying that “猿も木から落ちる” (reading: saru ni mo ki kara ochiru) which means, even monkey can fall from a tree.

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Something I owe

is 2 weeks post.

At first I felt bad because I missed the regular date to post something. (and stress too) because I don’t like to mess up my routine.

That also applicable to other part like tidying up or cleaning up the house. Until my flatmate told me, can’t you just put it down since there are other priorities.

What my flatmate said reminded me Ajahn Brahm’s talk, work will never ends. It will end when we decided it’s enough for that day.

What do you think?

When it rains, it pours

Is something happened to me lately.

It came one after another, but this time I didn’t mind at all and somewhat enjoying it.

When you want a change, change something and let it roll to the next change. So, it doesn’t mean a bad thing.

So, seize the opportunity~! To the change that you want.


This week reading is about failure

It’s definitely not the desirable outcome for all of us. But sometimes it’s inevitable. 

Yes, I failed my PMP test last week. It’s frustrating when I saw the result after the test. I’ll do better next time.