I’m bored..! but wait there is something behind it

Does that ring a bell to you? Do you feel bored from time to time? (Hope it’s not all the time) tee hee..

I’m actually having post holiday blue, that’s the reason this week post is published slightly later than usual. But it’s a promise to myself that I’ll blog regularly, publish an article once a week, share my learning or inspiration week by week.

So this week topic is about boredom.

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Becoming champion at work

Happy Lunar New Year.!
Hope you have a great time with your family and loved ones. And hopefully we have great prosperous year ahead.

So, in midst of this festive season, here is this week short inspiration for our mind. Check this post.

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Side note: Stay positive, is it hard?

In the interview, Seungri was saying that his personality is somewhat bright and sunny but in his single album the director asked him to portray different personality. He doubted at first but he told himself that let’s give it a try.


Stay positive, is it hard?

This week post is inspired by a couple of things but the major influence are this book and an interview.

How I came across into this book was I wanted to learn more about some topics related with my work project. While searching for the book, I saw this and the big smiley face grabbed my attention. (It’s been awhile since my last library visit and usually I read e-book but I guess I still love the “feel” of holding the book)

Seungri is my favourite singer from BIGBANG. I admire him because his hardworking attitude and he’s my inspiration to continue studying Japanese. (I know it’s strange, he’s Korean, shouldn’t I be motivated to learn Korean?) 

My answer to that question is yes. I find it hard too. But reading this book and watching the interview it reminds me that it’s harder to give up. So, here are 2 points that help me pull through

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My JLPT N2 result – 日本語能力試験N2の結果

I saw my friend’s post about the test result and I was, dang, is it the time to check the online result already?

And here is mine


Yes, I fail the test.

I didn’t pass the individual band passing score for reading (man.. I should say I’m lucky? That I didn’t get 0. I need to read more and don’t be a lazy reader Kartika; read it throughly) and grammar. (Which I don’t surprise because I still rely on my imiwa? app a lot) ^_^!

So, here are my takeaways from this experience:
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Side note: Habit? Or is it not?

I scheduled this to be last week post, however I was getting another inspiration so I decided to rearrange the publish order.

I also changed the title from “Side note: Habit: why is it hard to keep?” to the current title because after re-reading it, I thought of better title for the content

Here we go again, me and my instant interest change :p

Habit? Or is it not?

This week post is inspired after I read this post.

“Decoy Habit” term is new to me but after reading the post, I feel that it is actually this had happened to me quite often in the past. They are sitting inside my reminder list yet I snoozed it off from time to time.

Do you have similar experience?

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Side note: self expression

1. Sometimes, I acted what I wrote in my head, turned them into a mini drama and imagined the actors or actresses who acted them out. Maybe deep down within me I like to try acting? (Aha!)

2. Most of my interest are something that anyone can do by themselves. Some friends used to ask me why I’m such a loner? (Aka, nerd) well, I enjoy my time to be surrounded by friends. But, I realize that it took time for accepting them into my circle. (Let’s discuss this another time) anyway, it’s just me. :)

3. I’d like to share what my 先生 (teacher) used to tell us in the class – a hobby is doing something you like when you have time so that you feel recharged. So, is hobby also a self expression?