Learning from the past

One of the best tips I learned recently is from a PMP book from Head First series. The best way to learn and remember what we learned is by repeating same thing in a different way. 

Which brought me to a feature from Facebook, called “memory” which tells you what happened to you at today’s date but in the past.  

I found it annoying at first because of the notification but I become liking it. Why? 

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Why feeling uncomfortable can be a good thing for us

First lesson from life this year is about being humble.

When you had been working on a project or doing what you have been doing for some years. you probably started to think that I’m the expert.

Well, definitely wrong.

There is a saying that “猿も木から落ちる” (reading: saru ni mo ki kara ochiru) which means, even monkey can fall from a tree.

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Hello 2016

Thank you for great experience 2015. And, please be kind to me 2016.

When I looked at my list in my phone,

  • 3 items I moved it to parking lot because I have other more important priorities came up and no way I can do them unless I moved some of the items out.
  • 1 unfinished item which is my weekly project to write one blog post per week. I missed out the last 4 weeks because I was travelling.
  • 8 completed.

So, I managed pretty well for my resolution in 2015.

I started to follow how I created my resolution last year, through list in my phone. I bring back some of the items from last year because I feel the benefit of it.

Here are highlight of my 2015:

  1. To be connected with “real” people in the real world. Being a geek is not easy for me to get out from my shell and have real conversation with people. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have accompany, with the people I’m comfortable with. I prefer smaller group than bigger group. I also realised that I hardly connect with the people I know from previous workplace. So, in 2015, I met more people, not only from previous work place, but also from other encounters like high school, events, and many more.
  2. To move on. I really can’t. When I had my mind onto something, I’ll work to get it, even when I faced a wall, I’ll try to find a way to climb it if it’s unbreakable. However, there is so much I can do, life reminded me that there are other factors which plays apart. So, if I really can’t get it, I need to move on. It’s just not for me.
  3. To talk to more people. The right people. When you let your intention know to the right people, it’s one step closer to get what do you want. There is a saying, never try never know. If you never make your intent to be known. How are you going to achieve it?
  4. To break the big rock to smaller chunks. By setting up milestone each week, it will remind you about the progress. (Although I admit to start it and the process to make it as habit is hard, but once you get hang of it, it’s kinda automatic)
  5. To unload things. There only one us, and there is so much we can take in. So, it’s part of learning about the priority, to do the must-do first, and put the rest aside.

There are more lessons from 2015. But, those are the important ones. So, thank you 2015 for teaching me a lot of things. 2016, please be kind to me and looking forward to receive more lessons from you.

Happy new year~!



Something I owe

is 2 weeks post.

At first I felt bad because I missed the regular date to post something. (and stress too) because I don’t like to mess up my routine.

That also applicable to other part like tidying up or cleaning up the house. Until my flatmate told me, can’t you just put it down since there are other priorities.

What my flatmate said reminded me Ajahn Brahm’s talk, work will never ends. It will end when we decided it’s enough for that day.

What do you think?

When it rains, it pours

Is something happened to me lately.

It came one after another, but this time I didn’t mind at all and somewhat enjoying it.

When you want a change, change something and let it roll to the next change. So, it doesn’t mean a bad thing.

So, seize the opportunity~! To the change that you want.


This week reading is about failure

It’s definitely not the desirable outcome for all of us. But sometimes it’s inevitable. 

Yes, I failed my PMP test last week. It’s frustrating when I saw the result after the test. I’ll do better next time.  

Things we value

We value things which are hard to get 

That’s what the speaker said in a seminar I attended in the office yesterday. Do you agree? 

When I put lots of effort into it, I’ll take a good care of it so that I won’t lose it. I’ll remember the journey and the hardship to get it. 

Something we want

and sometimes you need to bargain.

Bargaining is the art of getting things we want.