3 magic phrases we should remember

When facing a challenge

Let’s try it~! Never try, never know

When things mess up

It’s okay/Nevermind. What I can do next is.. 

And lastly.. When completing one challenge 

Good job!! 

Happy 26th week

This week is a mark of half a year in 2015. Time flies isn’t it? 

I hope everyone is doing well! With all of your resolution. 

I found a little encouragement from WordPress, a reminder that I started blogging 6 years ago.  wordpress achievement
Second half of the year, please be kind to me. :)  

Expectation (Pt 2)

I was supposed to get this out last week, but I was expecting great idea will come out from my head. As a result, nothing comes out. 

Or maybe this sounds familiar too: “isn’t it obvious that you can’t tell this information to A. You’re expected to know it.”

When I think or expect that other people will know about something or do something, it often ends the other way around, and it makes me upset or frustrated. 

Don’t you think so? 

Recently, I came across to this awesome quote 

Expect nothing, appreciate everything

So I told myself, to do this simple check

  1. Never assume/expect that other people will know what we want.
  2. Always ask. Never ask, you’ll never know
  3. Things which seems natural to you may not necessarily understand by other people. So don’t need to get upset when they don’t 

PS: when I scrolled through my blog, I found that I published a short post about expectation last year. Seems like I need to get reminder 😉

And yes, I still owe one more post for this week

3 advices from my 3 teachers

I don’t say anything because I saw you were moving okay. If you’re not moving, I will ask you to do it differently

when I told my swimming teacher that I feel I’m not moving at all although I kicked so hard. So sometimes we need a mentor/friend in our life because we can’t “feel” our progress and they would be able to see it.

Don’t do things you don’t like to happen to you, to other people

when going to my Japanese class. It seems I’m not only learning the language but also learning about life.

We can’t control a lot of things in life, like how people will treat us. But we can control how we respond to it

when opening “A little wisdom that makes a HUGE difference” book randomly and this page reminds me to change my thinking. It’s relieving!

アイムホーム I’m Home

Key 4


There are too many things in this world that we can’t turn back. But I think that, there are not many things that we can do it again.

Hisashi Eiji

Climbing my hills

Climb in Low Gears
This is especially important on long hills. By starting the ascent in a gear that lets you spin lightly, your muscles will be spared for the harder work ahead. Maintain a good cadence in the same gear, or shift to the next higher one and really make time.


When is your peak?

I read an interview from a K-Pop group, BIGBANG, in one of the fan site.

What BIGBANG members think about their peak.

“To a certain extent, it′s correct to set a peak, but we believe that we might have already passed our peak or that another peak may come. Because of that, we wondered if there was a reason to decide when our peak is,” said G-Dragon and Taeyang.

“If we wanted to be like Michael Jackson, we wouldn′t be able to feel the satisfaction in our situation now. We don′t want to do that. Instead of setting a limit and reaching for it, I believe there is a better thing out there if we go without deciding on anything.”

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Two sides of a coin

Do you have to drag your feet to work? Do you feel you’ve been assigned to tons of tasks which seems endless? Until you want to quit?

Or at least, she did.

One of my friends shared a diary of ex Singapore Airlines air attendant in Facebook. You can read it here.
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