Global citizen

I have two very interesting encounter this week from my recent travels

On my way back to Singapore from Haneda airport. I met a Japanese grandma who travels with her grandchild. She can converse in Japanese but doesn’t seem to be able to read Japanese anymore, and she has difficulties to read and fill in the immigration form.

She asked me in Japanese how to fill in the form. She’s Bolivian.

Another one is during my Grab hitch ride to Changi Airport, one of the passengers the driver picked is Indian lady and we had chit chat about where we are going.

I told her that I’m going to Surabaya and she said she’s from Surabaya too. After few exchanges, I learned that she’s born in Surabaya actually. Something new about the city where I grew up.

Being second generation Indonesian born Chinese who can’t speak Chinese, I’m on the same boat with them.

Do you have similar encounter while you travel?

The lessons from traveling alone

Have you ever travelled alone? Or often travel alone either for leisure or business. For me, I don’t usually travel alone for both cases.

Well, flying alone to other place is normal to me, but usually I’ll meet someone at the destination and going travel together.

When you’re traveling with your friends in those foreign land, it’s very comforting to always have someone to converse with in language you are comfortable to speak. In cases of the place of destination doesn’t speak English well, it gives me extra “chill”. Therefore, it’s reassuring to have someone you can speak to. When you have some questions to ask or just about to tell the other party about what we want.

I often consult Uncle Google when I need to find something. It is surely convenient and help me not to speak too much with other people when I need help. But there is part of me which itch to have interactions with people, especially the locals.

Sometimes with limited language of the country I visited, I find it enjoyable to have a little lost in translation moment. (The other part is stress). Of course, not in urgent cases like late for train or plane or something.

Another thing is, I don’t like to have a packed trip, back to back from one place to another and having a solo trip is allowing me to really enjoy the place without having need to run from one to another.

Having said that, sometimes it’s okay to have packed trip. But not too often. While some find it refreshing, I find it tiring (ha!)

So after a few solo trip to those countries, I become used to it. Or so I think.

Note to self would be:

  • One, is to learn to be comfortable with yourself.
  • Two, is to know your travel style. Which can be found out from travel often. (It might change depends on the phase of our life)
  • Three, is to embrace the uncertainty. The language, the culture, the people.
  • Four, is to simplify our luggage. To my case it’s actually help me to find out what are the things I must bring, for example Luffy

Luffy with bnbplus

  • Fifth, don’t let worry stop you to go alone. Why didn’t I do this earlier? I think my fear of unable to communicate stopped me.

But of course, having travel buddy which match your style would be best, because you can share the excitement.

Shed the tears, and stand up

I’m not sure if I had shared this before or not, but I saw this in my note book again recently.

My sensei said, there is a life lesson related to a kanji word 泣く (read: naku) meaning to cry. That when you remove the tears, you’ll get 立つ (read: tatsu) meaning to stand.

So I think sometimes you just need to stop crying and stand, hey

A lesson from 7 years ago

Every morning Facebook pushed a notification about what happened few years ago – aka Memories.

And I usually will scroll all the way down, to find the oldest memory of that day.

Today is one of the memorable one. A lesson from a friend

If you like public attention and to be under the limelight, then leadership is not your thing. You should consider to become celebrity instead.

A leader leads and does many things behind the scene, so that public can enjoy the results. ~ TC

My boss like to say, “that’s good” and he will say he’s happy with what I’m doing. (I should update him more often) then “this this and this keep it up” and so on. Then he will give advice which area I should improve on. Sometimes I’ll have some long discussion with him about something. Which I thought initially he wasn’t happy or didn’t agree with how I do things. Later I found out from my seniors and having more interaction with him, that he simply wants to understand better.

Since we came from different backgrounds and obviously he has longer career than me, his thinking is different than how I see things. Sometimes I see it in a very present moment point of view. Then he advised, think slightly longer.

I don’t see me as a leader (yet) I still pretty much enjoy to be a front line person. But who knows what my future can be .. hoho..

The art of taking a break

My friend often told me that I tend to arrange things back to back. And as a result, quite often I was rushing from one place.

I feel accomplished when I finished all my errands. And I think it’s somehow addictive to me.

Until recently, I easily fell sick due to pack activities. Or rather, my mind was quite tense maintaining all the details for the errands.

And when you fell sick, your physical strength drops so, it will make you rethink what’s important and what’s not.

Suddenly things which you think it’s important, doesn’t seem so important anymore. Your body tells your mind that, why don’t you leave it for now, and come back to it later.

When you’re healthy, you feel like at the top of the world, want to conquer the seven seas and can even go to the moon.

Don’t keep pushing your luck. Or rather your own body.

Don’t you think in the end, how fast you complete it doesn’t matter?

Old saying said, when it rains, it pours. It’s true to some extent. If we already pack our time till no more time left. Doesn’t it also mean that we don’t allow for deviation? No more space for other changes. When changes happened, we (or rather I) tend to be panic.

Know your body, know your priorities, and when it’s time to rest, just rest. Things to work on will never get finished. It applies both to work and personal.

I think I should learn more from cats. They know when just to curl up and rest, and when to be active and play.

Cat in shoe box

(Again, not my cat. It’s just a neighborhood cat which like to use me as his scratch machine :p)

Don’t you think so?

Looking back and connecting the dots

Third weekend since new year just passed, I think I kind of used to the rhythm of this year plan.

This week I had an interesting conversation with two people about what’s next for them. One of them is new to the workforce, while the other one is not.

The young cub told us his dilemma about finding a permanent job. Both of us shared our journey back then, about moving forward and be selfish for our growth.

I told him that most of those were my mentors’ words. Because I feel like having some anime moment when I can see stars in his eyes.

Rainbow eyes meme

As the conversation goes, I feel I need to hear them again. As a reminder.

Come to think of it, I always think that I’m in that cub position and didn’t realize that I’m not anymore.

As Ajahn Brahm said, young people will have young people suffering and older people will have their own. So I guess, I’m experiencing somewhere in middle. 😉

Thanks to the young one, I get reminded that you may have aspiration to be somewhere or be someone, but without you realizing it, sometimes you are the inspiration for others.

Steve Jobs said it’s about connecting the dots backwards, not forward. Where my dots will lead me to?

That’s yet to be found.. hehe..

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the cool Singapore for awhile.

Yishun cat

PS: not my cat, he’s the neighborhood cat near my place I’m staying

Live a little more

If I were mixed up with you
I’d be the talk of the town
Disgraced and disowned
Another one of the clowns

But you would finally live a little
Finally laugh a little
Just let me give you the freedom to dream and it’ll wake you up

It was part of the lyrics from a song titled Other Side by Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron.

First movie in 2018 and it, was, amazing! I was having goosebumps when I watched the movie, and I still feel I have it when I was replaying it.

I really inspired with the character of PT Barnum. The movie highlighted that he was poor, living as office worker, started to lose his dream and live without passion then things happened. I won’t tell any further, no spoiler. He’s not perfect, but then his resilient to make things come true, really, got me.

I asked myself again, when will be my time to have this kind of moment. Especially when something happened, not in a so good way, the question usually just floats again.

But hey, I believe there will be a pop in your brain when it’s really the time. So, give your brain a break, don’t need to keep asking that question. There will be time for everything.

So, if you haven’t watched the movie, give it a go.

PS: Musical movie is a hit and miss to me, I slept while watching La La Land, but I was watching it in the plane. But hey, I really enjoying Les Miserables. Do you get the connection?

My 2018 missions

Happy New Year!

First post of the year is always dedicated to the first week in that year. And this post is written while I’m having road trip over the weekend with group of friends.

When I looked back (or flipped over my agenda), I thought of “did I really do that?” And when I saw the photos, the memories are starting to resurface. Yeah, I did. (Good job, give yourself a pat on the shoulder)

There were few firsts for me in 2017 and I’m really happy that I managed to accomplish them.

I mentioned in my prev post that I started to think about 2018 resolution slightly early earlier than my 2017. I guess, it becomes like a habit now. Having a list by year also helps. If I still have some left over items to tick, I’ll just carry it to the next year.

This year, I decided to give additional flavor by adding a theme for my missions. Refine and focus on few. (Or, the favorite terms in office was vital few)

The first half of the year is for sports, as usual, and the second half would be for non sports. Keep it balance. It doesn’t mean that I don’t need to do either one when it’s not the time yet. But focus on the theme of each half.

Enough some rambling about my missions. Have you thought of your goals this year?

PS: During the first few weeks of the year, I usually feel it’s still very far to reach the end. And when it started to pass mid year, everything just feel pass by so fast.

I hope 2018 will be kind to me as well.

See you next week, I’m going to have some catch up with sleep while we are en-route to next destination.

Hope you guys have a great time with your loved ones.