Something I owe

is 2 weeks post.

At first I felt bad because I missed the regular date to post something. (and stress too) because I don’t like to mess up my routine.

That also applicable to other part like tidying up or cleaning up the house. Until my flatmate told me, can’t you just put it down since there are other priorities.

What my flatmate said reminded me Ajahn Brahm’s talk, work will never ends. It will end when we decided it’s enough for that day.

What do you think?

When it rains, it pours

Is something happened to me lately.

It came one after another, but this time I didn’t mind at all and somewhat enjoying it.

When you want a change, change something and let it roll to the next change. So, it doesn’t mean a bad thing.

So, seize the opportunity~! To the change that you want.


This week reading is about failure

It’s definitely not the desirable outcome for all of us. But sometimes it’s inevitable. 

Yes, I failed my PMP test last week. It’s frustrating when I saw the result after the test. I’ll do better next time.  

Things we value

We value things which are hard to get 

That’s what the speaker said in a seminar I attended in the office yesterday. Do you agree? 

When I put lots of effort into it, I’ll take a good care of it so that I won’t lose it. I’ll remember the journey and the hardship to get it. 

To be a fitter me

When I started to jog, I can only run for 2km. And I was super tired. I told myself, man, I don’t have the stamina to jog or jogging/running related activities is not suitable for me. 

On good days, I ran 2km or 5 laps of running tracks. But I told myself to run at least 3 laps and don’t walk. 

I hardly able to go beyond that distance. Either shorter or just meet 2km nicely. 
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Is it wrong?

Doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily mean right.

Because as a doer we always think that what we do is the right thing.

Doing the wrong thing doesn’t necessarily mean wrong.
Sometimes you need to do wrong to realize what’s right.

That’s what my swimming coach told us last Wednesday. He explained when you’re in the water, it’s easy to lose the sense of direction and movement.

You need someone to help you to see and point where you do wrong.

Or need a coach or a mentor.

And here is the story behind it.

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