The best give up need to make

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How often you think “Ah, this won’t work” or “If it’s this, I don’t think I can make it”?

Honestly, I often doubt myself. Especially when I deal with a new thing and I have very little information. Although on one side of myself is screaming with excitement about the adventure, the other side is the doubting and worrying about it.

「諦める事を諦めました」青石花笑        I’m giving up about giving up – Aoishi Hanae


This is the advice that the female lead gave to her colleague when he was down after being turned down by the lady he likes (many times).

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List, details, prioritize and celebrate

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I admit that I was busy spinning around in 2014 and I didn’t feel really accomplished, because I wasn’t able to focus on getting my plan completed. I was easily drifted into something else. Like a small kid easily attracted to candy.

So, one of my missions this year is to read a new blog post per week and share my learning or relate my own experience. It may not be a breakthrough science, but sometimes we need a reminder about old stuff, don’t we?

Here is what works for me these days.
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Happy new year!

How was your 2014? Was it good? Was it a rocky one? Are you doing a reflect back to your 2014? Or you don’t bother? What is your plan in 2015?

I opened my 2014 checklist and I ticked 4 out of 7 items. I didn’t manage to do 3 things, update this blog and page for iPhoneography regularly, and learning new sport (diving) and the stretch mission, learning a new knowledge related to work.

What 2014 had taught me are:
1. The more you postpone thinking about your plan in that year, the more you’ll live aimlessly.
I think this one is also related to my procrastination bit, that if I don’t think something is important, then I’ll put them off till the last minute. It’s also an indicator to me, what are the things I really like and don’t like.
(You should’ve known this and yourself better long time ago right? How young are you dear? Ha!)
To me in 2015 and beyond, please learn to balance it, sometimes you can’t keep avoiding things you don’t like. Sometimes we need to stretch and do it. It’s part of the learning and the journey.

2. Be honest with yourself
(Again, are you still teenager?)
I read this long time ago in a book called Secret and based on what I remembered, when you want something, say it, and the universe will conspire with you to get it. (I may be wrong so can read the book to confirm it if you haven’t)
I used to think that don’t get the hope too high, because if you don’t get it, the “fall” from disappointment will be great.
To me in 2015 and beyond, it’s natural to feel disappointed when you can’t get the things you want especially after you work hard for it, but you’re getting close to it, aren’t you? It could be that those missions were practice misses for you to get the bigger better things in the future. So, don’t be afraid to dream for something big.

3. Focus on one thing at a time
In 2014, I’ve been tested many times that there were many things that I need to do at the same time. As a result, I can only spend bits of my time on a task then quickly move to another one. Or few times I did bits here halfway then move to another one and so on. As a results I have too many “open” cases.
To me in 2015 and beyond, when you’re having a writer block, keep typing although it’s a gibberish words, eventually your brain will start to work and you’ll get the words. When you browse the Internet, you may get inspiration but you’ll get distracted easily too.

4. Checklist
(Back to basic eh)
In addition to the point above, create a list about the items you need to do on that day. Even to the smallest task I need to do like passing things to my friend. Then review the list again when I tick one task. Because sometimes I put them all in, without thinking about the priority (ha!) and actually some of them are not urgent at all.
To me in 2015 and beyond, keep practicing it, you’ll get better at this. And creating a schedule doesn’t mean you’re rigid person. Some may don’t need one, everyone has their way of managing their time.

5. Human touch
(Yes, you finally learn about this, don’t you?)
I used to think that when you want something, just do it even if you’re alone. Because, I find it troublesome to ask people around. By the time you find one, it’s too tiring to do the actual activity because of the search or if you weren’t able to find one, it will discourage you from doing it.
However, there are few things that actually it’s better to do it with others. So that you can laugh together.
Group chat can be a quick fix to find support, but you can easily get misunderstanding too.
To me in 2015 and beyond, don’t get easily discourage from doing things you want to do when you can’t find friends to do it together with you. Keep reaching out to your friends and do some catch ups. Meeting them in person has more healing effect than just chatting in Whatsapp or LINE.

Last note for the day, I know you like to complete your mission but don’t you want to enjoy the journey?


PS: let’s get started to write the resolution.

Lesson from life

Some people may give you hard times, but how you react to it it’s up to you. You may ponder why the other party behaves like that. And most of the times, it’s just a waste of energy. It’s either you accept them as they are or leave them.

The challenge is if you’re working with them for accomplishing a project as a volunteer (unlike in work environment where people has more commitment to it). But, I’ll take it as my fault because I made a decision to work with them.

This recent experience brings back my memories in my university time when I had to work with certain people for a school festival. It’s known that this person A is unwanted; most of the other team didn’t want A to be inside for many reasons. But, I saw some potential in A, so I decided to take A in. However, after trying with many different ways seems none of them is working. One of my best friend asked me whether I still saw the potential in A? My best friend thought that I was too positive, so I wasn’t realistically assessing A.

We finished the school festival and, to be honest, I couldn’t even remember who A was now. But the lesson learnt and my best friend remark remained.

Back to my current situation. This person, B, whom I worked with now was highly recommended by another friend. That friend told me that B has potential in this and that. I didn’t have many chances to work with B before but most of people are having same thought about B, that B has some issues. And, I decided to take B in. I thought the same when I took A in, those people can be wrong.

Apparently, I was wrong, again. We had big argument early this year and B denied all my attempts for having a good talk to sort things out.

So here are the 2 major points I learned:

  1. Not all has the chivalry to fight and move on. So, pick how are you going to deal with them.
  2. Regardless what are other people said or recommend, ask yourself if you’re going to regret the decision you made, if there is a slight no, trust it. It’s ok to miss the chance to work with the other party at that time because there will be better times to work with them at different time.

Lastly, one of my best friend used to mock me because I enjoy to be in a “fight”. I told my friend that when you’re having a fight with other party, you’ll know better the sides that usually not visible to people. I think I have at least a fight with my best friends (some of them are just small cat fights but I think I had few big ones haha) but we always manage to have a good talk and then move on. But I also have good friends which don’t have to go through a fight too. (hey I like peace)

Anyway, it’s just a way to learn more about other people. I’m not promoting violence, ha! :D

Lessons from Candy Crush

1. When you fail, replay it. Sometimes you just get bad candies
2. Sometimes when everything is aligned, you’ll get showered by combos
3. You need help from others to move forward
4. When you’re running out of live, get a rest. Don’t force yourself, get a rest, replenish your energy, you’ll be able to work effectively after that
5. You don’t need to always get the combo, sometimes you need to prepare first to get the combo
6. When you have money, you can speed things up by buying some helps

My Candy Crush experience is actually quite late after the hype subsided. In a way, it’s addictive to complete a level. So, please play moderately

Lessons from Angry Birds Epic

1. There is trick for every fight. – Rovio
I like to finish my fight as soon as possible so I tend to use high power birds. However, sometimes you need to be patient in a fight, not all can be solved by using power, but need strategy

2. On getting 3 stars.
Getting 3 stars is awesome, but sometimes we just need to meet the bare minimum so that we can move forward. When we are stronger, we can go back and get that 3 stars

3. On buying items
Yes, strong items help. But we still need to play with strategy.

4. Know the team better
I was frustrated with my team because I can’t pass a stage. My wise brother told me, read one by one what’s their strength and weakness, both the birds and the piggies.

Attention to detail

In relation to my previous post, sometimes we need to put ourselves in other people shoes.

It’s not that they are purposely wanting to make our life miserable by giving troubles but it could be because of we have different expectation and unless we can read others mind.

Some people may have the attention to detail more than average people.

When you’re running a project, keep the balance

Stay on track

Mid year review is coming! How’s your year looking? So far so good? Do you have to make extra turns? Or were you forced to make detour?

I thought that I’m doing good so far until when I opened my list and start to compare it.

When we are too living in the moment, it’s quite easy to follow the crowd and forget that’s not the place we want to go.

Well, at the end of the day, these what I’ve learned:
1. When you give it some time, something that you think it’s important may turn that it’s not that important after all.

2. It’s easy to sway or go with the flow. But does that make you satisfied? Or does it give you stress? I think if you’re enjoying it, then it’s fine. But if it’s bothers you, then re-evaluate it. It’s totally ok to not go with the flow. Sometimes, we need to fight to get what we want.

3. Have a check list and visit that often.

4. Stick to your priority as much as possible. If you think that it’s a bad plan, then take it as learning lesson. Plan better next time. You did a good job by making a plan. Better to have something than nothing.

5. Focus, Do one thing at a time. Do it till you are done with it. It’s easy to get distracted but the effort will save a lot of time.

6. Let go. Do needful and park the rest. Don’t worry, there are times when you will visit them again in the future.

Alrighty, I need to catch up with some of the items. I’ll leave it up to this point.

Share your exciting half year below so that we can learn from each other.