Learn something, learn more

There is a saying, never too old to learn anything, and I think, it sinks well in my personality. Even though I’m not in school or actively studying as full time student anymore, I’m still learning new things every now and then. It leads from my curiosity on certain things. I will spend time to research on it, discuss it with friends, admire it, then I usually ask myself “Shall I take it more seriously? Like by taking lessons?” And most of the time the answer is “Let’s do it.”

There are some cases when I don’t pursue it any further after completing the basic level because I don’t have time or any other reason, for example learning Korean. Or I have to stop or pause doing my current interest in order to give me time to practice or make time for the newer one, for example taking photos.

One take away point from all the learning experiences is, I become more and more appreciate other people with their different skills. So, it’s like playing a game (I still like game simile) there are fighters, healers, supplies or others and they will work together as a team.

Although that if you see it from the other end, people with multiple skills are more stand out than the others. It depends on the person, doesn’t it?

So, if you have something that you want to do or learn for quite sometime, I’d encourage you to do it. Each of the learning will expand your horizon which will enrich your life too.