All about timings

The story continues from my last post..

So what you think about that statement? Or is there anything crossed your mind when you heard about it?

Here’s the story I wanted to share.

I used to have a mindset that working in design industry is the hip of the hip. I know myself well that I don’t have special talents nor creative mind. Although sometimes, I feel that I do have the sense.

Anyway, I like web programming or to be more specific, I like websites. It’s like my working canvas. I had been working as junior web administrator, web designer, and developer so far.

Between this 3 roles, the one I have not exploring much yet is web designer. I thought in the past, I may not be interested in this area anymore because I like to venture out, thriller seeker.

Recently, there were something happened that made me re-think the whole thing again. I had my hesitate moment, my thinking moment and any other moments. But actually it’s not only me, my peers too. My conclusion is, well, maybe it’s happened to this age band.

Then, a friend of mine said this:

“Sometimes, something just happened to help us to make decision”

I realize that, when we are honest with ourselves, when we want something badly, everything else will fall into its place, looks like the whole universe is helping us.

If it’s not yet to happen, then there are 2 possibilities that we may learn:

  1. There is more lessons behind this, let’s stick it for a while. -or-
  2. This is the wall, climb it, prove it that you want it badly.

So, to sum up. There are 2 important elements that will help us in this situation. Attitude and Time. We need to have the right attitude so that we can wisely determine our move. And, we need the time to help us to make the move.

Do you ever been in this situation before? If so, share your story.