It’s more than just the cups

I got this story from a mailist I joined, then made a small effort to translate it before I put it here. I like post and I hope you like it as well.

One day, there is a small reunion of some friends who used to work for the same company. Firstly, they started of their career from low bottom and now, most of them have been on a high position in some large companies. Then, someone has the idea to pay a visit to their very first boss of their company, where they used to work together.

One of them contacted their boss and discussed what the best time for them to come is.

They are warmly welcomed when they arrived at their boss house. While waiting their boss, they are starting to talk about some of the past experience, remembering their silliness, joking about the past and about the times they spend together. Things that amused them, annoyed them, made them happy and many more. Not long after that, the joyful atmosphere starts to fade. It becomes moment of groaning and complaining about the difficulties they faces at the moment, how stressful their life is, or how they wanted to escape from their routines.

Not long after, the boss came out to bring a large pot containing hot tea and some glasses and cups. There are large and small glasses and cups, looks good and expensive, and there are some who look old and cheap.

Their boss asks them to feel free to feel at home, and they started to take their cups and pour the tea into their cups. Almost everyone choose glasses or cups which look expensive and good. Well, quite understandable since they have been leading good life.

Seeing this, the former boss started to talk: from the way you choose glasses and cups, that’s where problem began.

All you think us just have to get a very best glass/cup. Once a while, looking at your friends’ glass or cup, even think that how can you get that for your own?

Most of the times we forget that life is not only about the package but it also about the contents. Cups and glasses are just the place to put the tea, not the life itself. The tea aroma and taste will remain the same inside any glasses or cups we used. But many people make a fuss about the place, not the contents. Money, position or career is the glass of our tea of “life”. Therefore, they cannot really enjoy the “tea” since they were busy looking for the perfect glass. And eventually when they stop looking for the glass, sometimes, it’s too late to enjoy the tea since it lost the taste or spilled or spoilt.

Life is all about making choice.

Life is already hard,then make it simpler. The happiest person is not who can have everything but who they could make the best thing of everything they have.

Author: Unknown

This story is originally posted by RiE-Lee
“When life gives you 100 reasons to cry show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile ..
Face your past without regret .. Handle your present with confidence .. Prepare for future without fear “