Are you ready?

I’m going to have my first run in 2017 and it is 21km. Yes.. half marathon. Usually I like to start slow (aka, shorter distance) but last year I received notification from 2XU about loyalty rates and their finisher tee in 2016 was nice, so, without further ado, I signed up for 21km. 

I haven’t been running more than 15km before the actual day, and has been traveling as well. Doomed. I thought. Plus, 2 days before the race, there was a discomfort on my right leg.. 

There was a little hope that the run might be cancelled because of thunderstorm passing from the day before. (But someone might work hard doing no-rain dance)

Nevertheless, I still did carbo loading and prepare my gears and sleep earlier. Gels (checked), bib (checked), attire (checked) 

I woke up 1 hour earlier before the bus pick up time to settle my tummy. To my surprise, I felt good when I woke up without much time needed to gather my soul. And, my tummy was very cooperative too. 

My brother who is happened in town made a comment as I’m about to leave the house. Seems like today is made for you to run. 

Despite my heart is not ready for this run.

Turns out, it was a good run! 

So, good reminder for myself is, whether you’re ready or not, just waltz in.. don’t think too much and enjoy it.. If you completed it, then good. If you don’t, then do prepare better for the next run. 

Looking forward to more good runs in 2017. 

Fan Girl talks

On my way home from office today, I had a conversation with one of my colleague. (She is a “die hard” fan of JJ Lin) She knows that Big Bang, a Korea boy band, will come to Singapore. And here are some of QA that I had with her.

Q (her): Will you go to airport, to wait there and to greet when they are arrive?

A (me): Hmm, maybe no. Unless I have a company.

Q: When is their concert?

A: After the formula 1 grand prix in September.

Q: Will you queue for their autograph?

A: I don’t even know if there is any. No news so far that I heard of.

Q: If there is, will you go?

A: (again)  Maybe.

Q: If you can talk to them, what will you tell them?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Will you prepare something like rehearsing some Korean phrases?

A: Not too sure.

(she’s sharing some experience that in some fan meeting events, the fans will need to queue and they will assign to the idol in order of the queue. In short, you can’t choose the idol)

Q: Does the one you like has lots of fans?

A: Maybe, but I think not as popular as X’s (another colleague) favorite.

Q: Then you have more chances to speak.

A: Yeah guess so. The one I like can speak Japanese though.

Q: Then you’ll speak in Japanese than in Korean? What will you tell him?

A: 頑張って?Ganbatte? (trans: All the best?)

Q: So simple?

A: キスしてください。Kisu shite kudasai (trans: please give me kiss)

Q: ROFL! (I hope the whole bus will not look at us that time) You dare to ask the idol to kiss you?

A: Hmm.. well maybe no, but you were insisting what I will ask him. So that’s the only phrase I popped into my head.

Q: Maybe, can I kiss you instead?

A: Ah yeah, that is possible.

So yeah, our conversation ends because the bus arrived at the train station and we went to separate  way. It’s an enjoyable fans talk. Maybe I should learn to become more “die hard” fans.

Trying to keep my feet on the ground


I know, it’s been a while I haven’t really writing my blog. I’m still adjusting my lifestyle after, officially, work. There are lots of things happened within last month. Maybe I can wrap up some points and share with you all.

First thing, is about my new workplace.
I work as web developer in a translation company. I only know about this line of industry after I join the company. I think, it’s not really popular thing in my country, but since there are different races and languages in Singapore, this line may be popular. 😉

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