Learn to humble

Regardless how bad something happened to you recently, pay attention to it, learn from it, and move on.

This post is inspired by a friend’s story and how he learned from his recent experience. He’s participated in a photo competition recently, one of our friends praised him for the photo he submitted. He is quite proud of it too.

On the exhibition day, he came with his girlfriend to find out whether his photo made to the selection.

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Learning my lesson – keeping my ego at the bay

Lately, I was so stressed, I didn’t know what made me stress  and I was quite desperate to find out what made me stress.

Is it my work load? Work has been busy as always, writing code, designing system, debugging and testing, you name it. But I believe that I’m still coping it.

Is it my schedule? I schedule myself to exercise on even days, Tue-Thurs-Sat. It was just started for the last three weeks. Is the schedule too rush for me? I don’t think so. When I tried to skip the exercise part, I feel that my whole body was even more tired.

Is it my hobbies? I admit that I like to play games more often than I used to be. I play games on the browser as well as on iPhone. But, it seems this habit happened because I was so desperate to find out what made me feel stress.

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Work harassment! I’m striking a complaint. Haha 😀

I was snowed by quite a lot of work since my second week settlement which is two months ago. My peace and relax live was robbed by the harshness of working life. I’m not trying to exaggerate my situation.

At first, I was quite happy since I didn’t have much things to do, although with a little bit of confusion.
I had left my work place for one-and-a-half year to finish my master degree. I left my position, assigned all my previous duty to successors, studied whole-heartedly (some time to play around of course 😉 ) and returned to the same place, without a post.

It took me the whole first month to adapt to the new staffs appointed by my boss.
So, what I did were a little helping hand here and there.

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