My 2018 missions

Happy New Year!

First post of the year is always dedicated to the first week in that year. And this post is written while I’m having road trip over the weekend with group of friends.

When I looked back (or flipped over my agenda), I thought of “did I really do that?” And when I saw the photos, the memories are starting to resurface. Yeah, I did. (Good job, give yourself a pat on the shoulder)

There were few firsts for me in 2017 and I’m really happy that I managed to accomplish them.

I mentioned in my prev post that I started to think about 2018 resolution slightly early earlier than my 2017. I guess, it becomes like a habit now. Having a list by year also helps. If I still have some left over items to tick, I’ll just carry it to the next year.

This year, I decided to give additional flavor by adding a theme for my missions. Refine and focus on few. (Or, the favorite terms in office was vital few)

The first half of the year is for sports, as usual, and the second half would be for non sports. Keep it balance. It doesn’t mean that I don’t need to do either one when it’s not the time yet. But focus on the theme of each half.

Enough some rambling about my missions. Have you thought of your goals this year?

PS: During the first few weeks of the year, I usually feel it’s still very far to reach the end. And when it started to pass mid year, everything just feel pass by so fast.

I hope 2018 will be kind to me as well.

See you next week, I’m going to have some catch up with sleep while we are en-route to next destination.

Hope you guys have a great time with your loved ones.

Change plan

or rather adapt your plan.

Time flies eh? We had passed the first three months of the year. Early this year, did you make  any resolutions? If so, how was it? Are you doing well?

Looking at my list this year, some are progressing well, some aren’t. I feel that the importance is also changing. Some are becoming less important.

I like to keep them on check from time to time. Until eventually it becomes an obsession to tick them.

However, it’s different in reality. When I saw that some of the items become less important, I don’t put a lot of effort in there and naturally it just stay there not making any progress.

Knowing it’s not making any progress, my mind started to put some stress why I’m not doing it.

But I think that’s what life is trying to teach or tell me. That sometimes you need to adapt the plan. Or rather, why you’re ticking it for the sake of ticking it? We should fully enjoy the experience then tick it.

So, besides this year bucket list, I’m keeping another bucket, pending bucket list. You’ll never know that one day, you’ll be interested to do those again.

How are you doing with your resolutions? If you’re doing well, that’s good. If you’re not, what’s your next plan?

Untitled (Pt. 2)

continuing from previous post..

I went back to my hometown for celebrating Lunar New Year with my family on 3rd week of Jan and the holiday is going to end soon. I will be back to Singapore tomorrow and will be back to work on Thursday.

Mostly I spent my times with my family (of course) and my friends in between. It brings all the memory that we had at school back. We had been graduated 8 years ago and a lot of things happened in between. Marriage, children, change jobs, move house and many more. And yet, I still feel the same fighting spirit and despite that most of us have left our hometown yet we still have the same thinking.

I used to wonder that we used to be able to work well as a team but somehow we are at our best when we are not in the same team. I used guess that maybe our characteristics are too similar to each other so we have those fights. Now, I have different answer. I guess, our task is to keep challenge each other to make other places to be a better place too. It’s a form of rivalry to make the place we are at, to be better than before; so that when we meet each other again, we can share story about our adventure.

I found the answer why I was so bored lately which leads to do things that I didn’t do usually. It was rivalry.

I was in the social media thing by myself. I was blogging by myself. And I was also sitting in my comfort zone at office too. Basically, I was living in a peace environment. It’s too plain for me; therefore it hit me in the end. Strange huh? I’m stress because of peace. Not to mention that I was listening to my friends too much until the extent that I lose myself just to make myself agreeable with their opinion or to avoid arguments. And sometimes, I just mellowed to give up my dreams and just to follow the stream.

In a way, rivalry can be a bad thing. But, the other side of it is, it makes us excited to be a better person to be able to surpass our rival. I realize that because of “Bakuman” (and that’s the reason why I like shonen manga more). Or like what Steve Jobs used to say, the feeling of becoming newbie again is exciting.

Oh well, I think maybe because that’s what youth about. Like a saying the older the person is, the more they want to avoid conflicts and unconsciously I live like that too. When I want something and my friends said the opposite, it dampens my spirit and in the end I decided to let it go. So in the end, I ended up in the middle of nowhere.

So, I’m challenging myself this year, that I will be more like myself (I should listen to Linkin Park – Numb more). To be comfortable with who I am, I don’t need to be all out when meeting friends but as it goes, if it’s a true friends we will understand each other and more importantly, accept each other.

Second challenge is, to be honest about my feelings. If I have doubts, I will clarify with the respective party. Just be straight forward.

Third challenge is, to use my time wisely. I want to pass my JLPT this year. I also need to exercise regularly. And to build up my reputation as web developer, if it’s my true passion.

Fourth challenge is, to give it all. When I have decided on it, I must do it with all my might, even if it will disturb the balance for a while. It’s normal to have the ups and downs but remember the goals. (or maybe I should re-read “Bakuman” comic again)

I promise myself those. As I’m going to end this post, I have a question for you. Have you set your goals? 🙂

PS: I decided to separate it because it’s too long to be read as one post.

Untitled (Pt. 1)

As always, without realization a year passed pretty fast. We are living in 2012 now and it’s near the end of January. In general, people will start to think about their new year resolution since December; some of my friends did it. One of them asked me, have I gave a thought about my new year resolution? I asked them back, for personal or for office? And they replied of course the personal one. I smiled sheepishly and replied that I haven’t thought about it.

Last year, I used to be able to post a blog regularly: 2 posts every week and manage to actively participate in social media world. But, near the end of the year I strayed from it. I got bored and I rarely post nor tweet, despite that I’m still active in other platform.

I used to think that I want to be influential in social media world. After months “playing around”, I didn’t feel any improvements. It could be my ignorance for not listening to the tips or tricks on how to be successful in certain platform. I always think that I must do it naturally, not synthetically.

Because I can’t stand it anymore, I went to a hiatus for the whole January. If you see my last post date, it was 4th January.

It’s been a while since I feel so lost and I don’t know what to do nor which direction I want to go. I re-read my old blog posts, especially near the early part of last year yet I don’t feel inspired. I thought I could evaluate what were my dreams or goals for 2011; whether I have achieve them.

Before this, I was quite active in pursuing digital photography, but somehow I didn’t feel inspired to do so. Although I’m still taking pictures with my iPhone.

Subsequently, I just dropped my blog. I stopped posting for a week, and I felt it was liberating. It continued to the week after and the week after that too. I feel that a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulder.

Meanwhile, some of my old hobbies came back. I used to play games in my iPhone besides taking pictures or listening to music. But, recently there wasn’t any games that can hook me into it. It can be that I was afraid to play too; once I played RPG game, usually I hardly can stop. The old hobbies that reappear were my interest towards manga and modeling. I used to have plenty of comic books in my room; I like to collect them, if the story is inspiring. I like both shonen and shoujo manga, but I prefer shonen more. I decided to stop reading comics because there wasn’t any interesting story to follow until recently. It started with “Liar Game”, I completed the whole 100+ chapters within 1+ week. Continued with “Bakuman” after I saw it on a book store.

About modeling, like I told in my past blog post that I have a masculine hobby since I was young, I bought a gundam model Master Grade edition as a present for myself. I enjoy every moment I work on it; cutting the parts, trimming it, and so on. Some of my girl friends protested it and I voiced out my thought through my last post early January. Maybe it’s a form of concern too, but I always think as long as what you do it’s not harmful, it’s okay.

Besides that, I also stop to follow web design feeds.

So, the summary for above is simply: I dropped things that I like recently and I picked up things that I used to like in the past again.

to be continued to next post

Resolution Tree

My first post in 2011.

Learning my last year lesson, I had made my resolutions now. I found my last year resolution note and I feel that I think I should be SMART-er when it comes to make my this year resolution.

New Year Resolution

Here are some tips to make your resolutions easier:

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It is never too late to start anew

Yes! Starting something new does not recognize “late” in its dictionary. But, why most of us keep delaying ourselves on doing something new? Before telling my own experience, I would like to share a story inspired from my daily life (I changed the name of subjects to keep it anonymous) with a little bit modification.

Meet Mandy, she is charming, cheerful, energetic and she do not really like quiet environment. She shares a flat with her friends, Maria and Michelle. Most of the time when she saw Michelle is doing something in her room, she will ask her what she was doing, and why she was so quiet. Michelle told her that she works on her personal projects. (That question was the ice breaker only though) Then she kept talking that how bored she was.

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