Lessons learned from Attention Please #2/2

Anyway, I wanted to write about this for last week post, but I was having 2 tests near the weekend so I was studying in panic (luckily, both are passed) and worried about my PR applications (yes I’m applying again, hopefully I can get it now).

But since the story was too long to be in one post, so I decided to split it instead.

Let’s continue…

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Lessons learned from Attention Please #1/2

Trivia: For you who are not familiar with Japanese TV series, they are simply called J-Dorama. J is for Japan and dorama is the adoption word for drama.

Attention Please has been played quite sometime ago. It’s about a rocker girl who wanted to impress the guy she likes by being a cabin attendant. Although she was clueless about cabin attendant’s works, she determined to become one, applied for the interview, surprised the interviewers with her not-so-proper attitude, and accepted.


She basically wasn’t fit with her classmates, but gradually her classmates are drawn into her energetic, adamant although sometimes she’s a little bit insensitive.

Here are some of the most memorable lessons I found:

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