Celebrating my brother success

Metropolis Frontpage Cover

This morning I received a very good news from a friend in Surabaya, my home town. My brother was in a front page of national newspaper, Jawa Pos, for his book. I just barely spoke to him the day before, well, I called my parents since somehow both of them texted me so I decided to give them a call too.

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A day to enjoy

plus a bonus ride

I woke up quite late today, around 9 am. Yesterday, I came home around 130 am in the morning which I believe broke my all the time record from Indonesia-Melbourne-Singapore. I never came home that late early in the morning. I’m not a night person and yet not so morning person either. Well, I consider myself as average person. 🙂

Honestly, I like to sleep very much. Talking about sleeping, I can sleep everywhere.. During trips, in cars, during the day even when the cars are moving :p. My friends are sometimes vexed with my sleeping habit :p

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Apple pie, shaka shaka chicken and nice bus ride

Yesterday, one of my university buddies, Sandra texted me to meet out. She is in Singapore for a five day conference which started on Tuesday till Friday, and I guess, she chose to extended her stay until Sunday.

She stays in Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel, which is located near Esplanade or City Hall MRT station. While I live in Commonwealth area. I searched using gothere.sg, and found out that I need around 40 minutes to go there by MRT and bus. It was 8 pm. So I was thinking better to stop at City Hall MRT station rather than using bus from Outram MRT station. I swiftly changed my clothes and left to Commonwealth MRT station.

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Me and my quiet time

Celia’s, my roommate’s alarm rings at 7 every morning because she goes to work about 8. As usual, I wakes up too. Well, since I used to wake up early anyway. We’re having breakfast, chatting – sometimes continuing what we talked yesterday or maybe talking about something which comes up from the Channel News Asia. Then she offs to work and here I am, alone.

I got job as web developer within a week in Singapore. It’s quite fast according to all my friends, since some of them took them months to be able to get it. I’m really grateful for it.

However, it left me doing nothing after the interview, the decision and the work permit waiting time. My daily routine for this week is waking up almost the same time as Celia and either starting the computer just to check emails, FBs, FSs, or just watching TV.

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My first week in Singapore

I was quite .. a bit hard to find the words but just say that .. have lots of doubts and thoughts in my mind about finding jobs in Singapore. So I will summarize my week in one post :p

I was staying at home, while Iwan, Wary and pFreddy were going for work. Felt so strange.
I sent out many applications, tailored my resume, and edited the cover letter.
Waited and waited.
No reply came.

Still the same…
Surprisingly, in the afternoon, my phone rang. I was called by someone name Jenny from Verztec, asking me whether I will have time for tomorrow’s interview. Yupii!!

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Uniquely (my first two nights in) Singapore #2

Saturday, January 31

Didik has something to do around 11, therefore I was waiting for Iwan to wake up so that I can move in to his place and waiting for another friend, Celia to come to Didik’s place. Both of them came as Didik left the house therefore I called Iwan asking him about the time. Therefore, Celia and Wira, her boyfriend were helping me moving from Didik’s to Iwan’s which is still around Bishan but different blocks.

After putting my stuffs, Iwan briefed me for awhile around the house, introduced me to his housemate Wary then we were having our lunch at Bishan North Market. Iwan’s has something to do around 2 pm so he left me with Celia and Wira. Yep! Wira is Celia boyfriend and Wary is Iwan’s housemate. The funny thing is when they were introducing themselves into each other haha 😉

I was told to buy Saturday Strait Times, since quite a lot of job postings. It was quite thick for a dollar paper 😛

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Uniquely (my first two nights in) Singapore #1

Friday, January 30

(continuing my previous post…)
I flew to Singapore using Citilink, subsidiaries of Garuda Indonesia, 1050 AM flight. My friends and I decided to use it since it’s a budget plane. Despite the bad rumors about the lateness of the airlines, it departed and arrived per schedule, 1300 PM. After collecting our luggage which took around 30 mins due to not many lines were opened, we bought the ferry ticket Batam Singapore, SGD16 each of us. Taking taxi to Batam Center port cost us IDR80,000 for both of us.
This is the interesting part..
We didn’t know how to get our paperwork done.. Firstly, we thought that we need to pay for fiscal first, we went to the cashier and told the officer that we would like to pay our fiscal. The officer asked us whether we had checked in, since we hadn’t, we were told to checked in. After following the officer’s instruction, we paid the fiscal, first mission (on ground floor) completed.

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Leaving on a jet plane :D

Borrowing the term from a song title, yes, today is my last day in Surabaya because tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Singapore 🙂

This is not my first time fying overseas without my family, but somehow, whenever I remember that I’m leaving them soon, well, I was trully touched and merely just wanted to cry :p

This time, I didn’t have big feast, I just have small farewell lunch with some of my ex colleagues, thanks to my bro (in accidental mode, if you get what I mean). But, it’s quite fun actually, so still thanks to my bro. Before I left to Melbourne, I had a farewell with senior colleagues including my boss. Now, I had it with fellow lecturers. It’s really different.

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