Work work work


It’s been a while haven’t write about my daily activities. 🙂

These past few days were passing slowly until Sunday night. I was finally able to stay at home and watch movie on Friday because I tried to finish the things before going to work on next week. 🙂

Since obtaining my EP, I was planning to enjoy my day before entering the working world. 😀

Anyhow, I was not be able to fully enjoy that week, it was quite a busy week :p

Anyway, my first day was this Monday. I was so nervous. Just scared that something went wrong :p But, it went well though. I was introduced to many new people, and I hope that I could remember their names :p

Today, I was having new assignment after studying the system for half day…

So for tomorrow, I have to work hard!!!


If people said that a mile journey starts with small single step, I guess, I did some of my early small steps.

I obtained my Employment Pass today.

Within the last 24 hours, I was rushed here and there.

Here’s some yesterday’s flash back….

Yesterday, I was planning to go to Funan Digital Life mall, to check about my laptop. It was broken since two months ago. It was repaired and broken afterwards. However the last one, really beyond my ability. Anyway, I had my lunch then I decided to visit the clinic I had my medical check up two days ago, to see whether I can collect the result since the nurse told me in the morning that it might be finished after lunch. She told me that I can collect it after 230pm waiting the doctor to sign the result.
I was wondering, will I be able to finish all my errands by today?
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[my] today’s headline

[ring ring ring]

Picking up the phone and I heard someone asked to speak to me, it’s Jenny, my company-soon-to-be HR. I can sense the exciting emotions from her voice, telling me that she received letter from MoM (Ministry of Manpower) regarding my application status.

I was accepted.

I was preparing my lunch at that time, just barely finished putting all the ingredients into the rice cooker. I was cooking brown rice with brocolli and carrot, and steamed egg. Then I checked my email, and actually, she has attached me the letter.

Somehow, I felt surge of relief.
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For just one more time

In one cloudy foggy morning in Singapore,
I woke up after rolling myself over,
took my gear from my drawer,
strangely, I felt my muscle was fine no sore

Morning chit chat with my fellow housemates,
they go for a morning shower one by one,
they need to go to work,
it’s another day to go

I bid goodbye to them,
press the lift down button,
reach the first floor,
and I pause for a while

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Celebrating my brother success

Metropolis Frontpage Cover

This morning I received a very good news from a friend in Surabaya, my home town. My brother was in a front page of national newspaper, Jawa Pos, for his book. I just barely spoke to him the day before, well, I called my parents since somehow both of them texted me so I decided to give them a call too.

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A day to enjoy

plus a bonus ride

I woke up quite late today, around 9 am. Yesterday, I came home around 130 am in the morning which I believe broke my all the time record from Indonesia-Melbourne-Singapore. I never came home that late early in the morning. I’m not a night person and yet not so morning person either. Well, I consider myself as average person. 🙂

Honestly, I like to sleep very much. Talking about sleeping, I can sleep everywhere.. During trips, in cars, during the day even when the cars are moving :p. My friends are sometimes vexed with my sleeping habit :p

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Apple pie, shaka shaka chicken and nice bus ride

Yesterday, one of my university buddies, Sandra texted me to meet out. She is in Singapore for a five day conference which started on Tuesday till Friday, and I guess, she chose to extended her stay until Sunday.

She stays in Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel, which is located near Esplanade or City Hall MRT station. While I live in Commonwealth area. I searched using, and found out that I need around 40 minutes to go there by MRT and bus. It was 8 pm. So I was thinking better to stop at City Hall MRT station rather than using bus from Outram MRT station. I swiftly changed my clothes and left to Commonwealth MRT station.

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