[J-Drama] Bloody Monday

I just finished watching this drama. For me, it’s very tense drama. It’s been a while since I watched such a serious drama especially about hacking, terrorist and virus attack. Moreover, the casts are teenagers and there aren’t many senior actors/actresses (as my knowledge). You can find more about the cast from D-Addicts here.

This story is taken from a same title manga, or you may say it’s live action of the manga.

Bloody Monday Cover
Bloody Monday Cover

The main character of this story name Takagi Fujimaru, or so called “Falcon” in the network. He lives with his sister, Takagi Haruka who needs to go for dialysis due to her kidney problem, and her father, Takagi Ryonosuke who seldom at home because of his work as THIRD-i agent or special unit agent. Fujimaru was arrested once by his father’s office since he was red-handed caught hacking. He was scolded and forced to make a promise to his dad not to hack anymore.

I found that this drama build the story arc very well. It made me curious episodes after episodes, who’s the bad guys, what they are planning next, the twist and the conflicts around Fujimaru. The more Fujimaru tries to protect people he loves, the more he discovers secrets related to the hacking activities in the past.

It also took me to guess which side of who and whom 🙂

I really hope to see the continuation of this drama as there are some spaces left to elaborate the arc. Somehow, I feel that this drama describes how people live their life nowadays, some are full of anger, disappointment towards the society while others feel that humanity still have hope to be better.

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Theme updated

Hi friends,

I decided to use this theme again to make it a more cheerful atmosphere, since the previous one was quite gloomy with the dark color. 🙂

Me and myself

A glimpse of time in the morning with myself.

Why are you keep pushing me to somewhere else?

  • No, I don’t

Then, why you don’t want to be there anymore – where you have friends and family?

  • I just don’t want to be troublesome for them, just it

FYI, you’re not troublesome to your family and friends. Well, maybe sometimes, but it’s not bothering them.

  • Yeah rite

No no no, it’s true.
Don’t you think you shut them down from your life too soon?

  • No I don’t! .. Do I?

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Spill the bean..

There is TV series titled “Early Edition” played few years ago. The main character’s name is Gary Hobson. In short, Gary received morning tomorrow newspaper everyday. It brought into Gary’s door by a cat. Gary’s life was upside down when he got that paper. Somehow, he felt that he should do something, for instance trying to fix wrong things or prevent some bad things happened so that it won’t appear in tomorrow’s newspaper.

In this morning Early Edition episode that I watched, Gary’s parents are visiting him. He lives in Chicago whereas his parents lives in quite a distance. His parents shock him by saying that they want to stay with Gary in Chicago. Gary, like other “kid”, feels that that idea was quite surprising. He can’t say no to his parents but he can’t say his thoughts too about it. He lies, makes up reasons, and acts like a teenager until he and his parents were involved in some bank robbery situation, which is quite funny. The bank robber, who hold them as hostages, forces them to have some conversations. And after that, they become more understanding each other.
Gary loves his parents but he doesn’t enjoy spending times with them because he felt he became teenager again. Meanwhile, his parents love Gary so much and think about him every time bad things happened, hope that Gary is safe and sound. They told Gary near the end of the movie, that they feel as Gary is keeping distance with them after he moved out when he entered college.

The idea of the story is simple, maybe for once or twice or maybe more than that, you maybe experience situation like that – it happens to me as well.
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Mamma Mia! ~ 2008

dance, dance and dance
dance, dance and dance

I was amazed with all the stars. I can’t believe how Meryl Streep dance and sing so well. I love the part when they did silly things. Although I found it quite lame at first, but it’s really amusing me through the end.

As for the actors, a bit weird to see Pierce Brosnan sings but surprisingly, he did very well too. (Though that he didn’t seem pleased many critics according to reviews that I read [1,2,3]) :p

The bottom line is, it’s worth to watch this movie. If you’re not a drama fan, at least you can enjoy the dances and the sings.

I even consider to buy the DVD later. 🙂

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Love and Honor ~ 2006

武士の一文 (Bushin no Ichibun)

movie poster
Bushi no Ichibun poster

At first, I was expecting some actions or sword fighting. But, it didn’t. Kimura Takuya played well for his role. This time, he played as a samurai, who depressed for losing his sight after an incident – which is common thing happened after some bad things happened.

The main attraction is Takuya has different character from his usual role in J-Dorama, especially if you see him a lot in J-Dorama you might pick some similarities in his role. However, the “commonness” of this movie somehow proves that he could play someone differs.

This movie brings us the normal situations in life, as it tries to show to us about what matters more in our life, or at least I feel it like that.

External Links:

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  2. Wikipedia
  3. Rotten Tomatoes

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[new] category {new}

I put new category, it’s about the… reviews.

Watching movies, reading books and comics are some of my great interests outside IT world, I used to put reviews here and there. Then I was thinking why don’t I put it here as well 😉

I’m hoping this can add some “color” to my website, so it will not be that serious. Why so serious? Hahahaha

New year = new resolutions?

First of all, Happy new year!!

It’s been a while haven’t write here, that’s what I thought at first. Feels like want to write my thoughts yet confuse which one should I write – even the first sentence to begin this post. So I guess, I just need to take it slowly and be patience with myself – writing this is kind of helping me straightening things out. It’s not to be read by someone, it’s good though if someone reads it, which means I shared my thoughts with people who read it, but if it’s not, it’s still good for me anyway.

As my title for this post, does new year equal to new resolution? I’m still trying to find the answer for myself. To be honest, sometimes I felt a bit lost. Lost in myself since there are many things that I like to do but, it’s obvious, time is the limit. Therefore, lost here means I even can’t determine what I like to do or what I will become. This is happened since I decided to resign from my working place few months ago.

I worked for a private institute in my hometown as lecturer after my graduation. I was given opportunity because I was already teaching assistant during my final year of study. I worked there because I feel challenged to repair the system as I felt that the system was calling me. Honestly, the system was not so justified for us students even since I was student there. Therefore I felt that this might be my chance to do something useful, for the place where I learn and grow. After working there for 1.5 years, I was given opportunity to study abroad by scholarship. I learned many new things and able to see differently. Living in a new culture was hell of exciting experience for me and somehow, it influenced me in terms how I think and act. Finishing the study for 1.5 years, I returned to my campus as I promised before.

However, things are not the same anymore. Not only me – who changes, but also the campus. Being away for a while, not interacting with people inside it for sometime were quite a surprise for me. I can see a lot of things in my “old” workplace that I dislike but I don’t have choices or able to do something about it.  It’s more like “take it” or “leave it” world.

Before returning to that place, I was preparing myself to face some changes. However, it wasn’t well prepared, or at least, my effort wasn’t paid off. I still quite surprised with the changes, or more likely I can’t take it anymore.

Now, when I’m looking back what happened few months ago, I still able to feel the pain and the stress. It also feels like I’m having minor trauma about that place.

Now, when I have lots of free time, I let myself has a peace moment with me. Asking what I would like to do in this year, what I would like to achieve, what dreams that I’d like to follow and many other questions.

So, I guess, I’m hoping that I will be able to fulfill my dreams or maybe before that, I will be able to find “me”. The “me” that feels comfortable without thinking what others will say about “me”. I won’t add something sophisticated to be my new year resolution. That’s my 2009 resolution.