Lessons from Candy Crush

1. When you fail, replay it. Sometimes you just get bad candies
2. Sometimes when everything is aligned, you’ll get showered by combos
3. You need help from others to move forward
4. When you’re running out of live, get a rest. Don’t force yourself, get a rest, replenish your energy, you’ll be able to work effectively after that
5. You don’t need to always get the combo, sometimes you need to prepare first to get the combo
6. When you have money, you can speed things up by buying some helps

My Candy Crush experience is actually quite late after the hype subsided. In a way, it’s addictive to complete a level. So, please play moderately

Looks young

While our team went out for lunch yesterday, our boss was showing us his mom and grandma photo. He is so proud because both of them look very young and like a sister.

Boss (B): here is my mom and my grandmother *showing us their photo
Me (M): wow! They look much younger than their age. Boss, you somewhat look older.
B: thanks they will love it. But I will hate you.

*Everybody were laughing

M: ( ´Д`)y━・~~ (sorry boss, I don’t know that man like to look younger too)

Buying iPhone app

Friend (F): hey, aren’t you going to jailbreak your phone?
Me (M): nope, why should I?
F: so that you can download free app.
M: …

Someone used to tell me that some people an afford to buy Mercedez Benz, but they fill it with cheap fuel. Why would you buy a Mercedez then? If you can afford the car, it means you should be able to afford the fuel too.

So, when you can buy the phone, shouldn’t you be able to buy the $1 app?


PS: although maybe it’s not applicable for computer software ha!

Run, Temple Run

Keep running..

When there is an obstacle, jump over it;

Where there is a gap, jump at the right time;

When there is no path ahead, make a turn;

When everything is getting faster, keep your head cool to decide your action wisely;

When there is some helps, grab it;


That’s how you score well in Temple Run.


PS: this game made me addicted to keep playing it despite after few meters I have slipped into a pit or simply hug a tree.

Fans traits

  1. After seeing something, they may start to grow fondness about it.
  2. When they start to fond about it, they will look for every bits of information about it with the help of Google.
  3. Social media is a good start to be connected with the others.
  4. When it, something they likes come out, they will be excited to get it first.
  5. When someone, even their close friends, say bad things about it, they will defend it and attack them back mercilessly.
  6. Sometimes, they want to stay low, by trying to be neutral. Not defending what they like yet not badmouthing it. Everything has its good and bad, is their ground.
  7. Sometimes, their ultimate happiness is mocking other thing than it.
  8. The first and the last thing they touch will be it.
  9. They can smile by themselves when they see it.
  10. It makes their day.

Replace it with something that you like, and match the list with you, how fit you are as a fan. Or what about other traits that you have, share it below!

Thinking of settling down? Apparently not

After moving out from one place to another ..

At first, I thought I found my home,
I thought this time, I found the perfect place,
I simply thought that I found my peace,
I thought finally, a good place to start my life over in a new neighborhood.

No no no..
You’re wrong me, big time..!

Not until your neighbors are coming around your place,
Not until they start to annoy you,
Not until they start to be noisier and noisier talk about whatever crap,
Not until they start to sell you something.

The neighborhood is too saturated.
The government bodies seem didn’t take any actions,
Either they don’t want it or it’s actually the direction they look forward to?
Who knows..


I need my peace.

The thing is, it’s convenient since most people know how to find you.

Oh wait a second..
Think that I found new place to settle down
Not many people there
The neighbors seems good people

Okay, let’s start to move out.
Found some specialist movers, but I still need to coordinate with them for different timings.
Pack some important stuffs, bring it over and stay there 2/5 of my time and 3/5 in my current one.


Hey, I think I’m happier in my new place.
Started to spend more times in my new place.
I still come once and a while though, check my mail, do some chores..
My neighbors seem don’t really know that I seldom come back home.
Think that they are busy with their business.. (or crap)


Only some, though, started to ask me,
That they seldom see me anymore
To those close neighbors, i told them that I partially move out.
I invited them over to my new place so that they know how to find me.
They asked whether I’ll be permanently moving out?
I’m still thinking what should I do with my old place, I say.
To sell or to keep it.
But I assure them that I’ll keep them up to date.

So I think..
I’ll just maintain my old home and enjoy my new home.
Until the point when I have to permanently move out, settle down, find new place (again), tell everyone that I’m moving (again)

But I will keep my PO Box intact..
Wherever I’ll be, just go to my PO Box, you’ll reach me for sure.

PS: I think I need a general mover next time or a contractor mover who can do everything for me. Moving is tiring!



PPS: By the way, I’m talking about my Facebook account and my Google+ account.

Let’s laugh for a while

Q: There is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10. Where is 9, why 9 is missing?
A: Because 7 ate (8) 9

Q: Why you go to bed?
A: Because bed will not go to you.

Q: A drunkard speeds his car, there is old lady in the middle of the street, but the drunkard didn’t hit her. Why?
A: Because it happens during the day.

I know it’s not new jokes, and (a little bit) lame.
This post is not a filler post too. Why? I’ll tell you on tomorrow post.

Do you have jokes to share?

If you have an iPhone

Have you heard about Apple new ads campaign, “If you have an iPhone”? If you haven’t, you can go to their website and check it out. I quite like the campaign, it’s fresh and sleek. That’s what I like Apple about, minimalist yet cool.

Now, as I’m checking in too early to my Vietnam trip, the ad give me inspiration to write something

1. Listen to music
I have stored lots of music before the trip, I have a thinking that better put more rather than less, since you will be away from your desktop then you will have less song choices.

2. Watch movie
Similar like no 1. It’s just as alternative if you don’t feel like you want to listen to music.

3. Play games
Do I need to elaborate more?

4. Read books
iBooks, kindle, or you can even use GoAruna or DropBox to store your favorite PDF.

5. Blogs
Doing it now 🙂

6. Take pictures (and edit)
And upload them on the go, if you have the data plan with you or wireless connection

7. Read news
News app, web browser, you have many ways.

But most of all, you need a good battery life. Don’t waste your battery life if you still in the early part of the day. Unless you have your cable with you (and you need to find power station) or have mobile charger.

And, my favorite is number 1, we are here for leisure.. Let’s relax.. So, I’m going to end this and take my time.

PS: Anyway, though I consider myself as a fan girl, I’m just inspired by the campaign.