As long as the possibility is not zero, we should pursue it.

Was said by a female doctor to the main lead. I’ll not say anymore to avoid any spoilers. If you have time, you should watch this Japanese drama A LIVE. It’s still airing, although it’s reaching out it’s climax.

Again, thank you for a good reminder to me. Recently there was a news for me which didn’t sound very positive. I thought I manage my emotion well, but 2 days after that, I broke down. I had over an hour call with a friend, two days in a row.

I thought that it’s already happened.

My friend was patiently telling me that think objectively, and here are the things I need to do. Find out from the real person rather than going around and getting other people perspective, which might not true at all.

So Kartika, don’t be a drama queen! I thought you’re super positive person?

And as your favourite teacher like to say, Good or bad, who knows?