When the game is over

I mentioned in early of this year post that I played Pokémon intensively after it was launched in November. Longing of playing my childhood game in their native console is one of the main reasons I went crazy with it. But I don’t play it often these days. Instead, I play Fire Emblem in my iPhone.

I did complete the Pokémon League once and there are still other mini missions which I haven’t completed, like to capture the daily Pokémon, Zygarde cells, Ultra Beasts.

After some time, I realise that one of the reason I stopped playing Pokémon in my 3DS these days is I don’t want it to end. I realise that if I completed every mini games including filling up my Pokédex there will be nothing left for me to play anymore. And thinking about it makes me a little sad.

How about if I changed this situation to relationship with people around us? Friends, colleagues, our partners or family members. Sometimes we just want to be together with them because they are fun or they make us be a better person or it can be any reasons, you name it.

But sometimes “the show” or “the game” or “the relationship” is over, will you have regret?

This reminds me of Ajahn Brahm when he shared that in his younger days he went to a concert, and when the concert is over, he felt happy and he didn’t have any longing about wanting it more. He gave his time 100% enjoying the concert.

So, don’t worry too much about it. Enjoy it to the fullest.

The game we played has endings, whether it’s good or bad. You enjoy it, learn something from it, not giving up when the missions is hard are part of the it.

Our friends or colleagues may have a new adventure but it doesn’t mean that the good times between you is gone too. It will enrich you with different stories when both of you catch up.

And, when something it’s over, it means you have a room for something new. Because you never know what’s coming next right?