Experience grinding

If you’re a gamer, you’ll get this instantly when people say, man, too much grinding is needed.

In our younger days, my brother and I often play the same game but I like to see what’s next in the storyline and didn’t spend much time to train myself, as a result the boss easily beaten me up. I look at my brother playing his character and he had lots of patience than me, trained his character well, strategize the team, etc. (he even repeat the chapter if he didn’t get what he wants, he’s my best practice when it comes to gaming) :p

Most of the RPG are like that.. right?

I used to write that our life is like playing an RPG game.

So, isn’t it the same when it comes to level up for ourselves? I want to pass my JLPT N2 this year. So, I need to collect more experience (read: study, revise, memorise) to level up, and to face the big boss N2 exam.

PS: Do you need to grind for experience recently?

PPS: What are the game you played so far which made you spend a lot of time to grind?