Family Reunion Day

This post was meant to be published in 2014-01-31 during reunion day or Lunar New Year. But I wrote halfway so this post has been lying in Draft for 3 years.

After reading it, it was few sentences and I couldn’t remember what did I want to say 3 years ago. So I decided to rewrite it with 2017 in mind. The date of the post in 2014 is fairly close with 2017 hey?

Glad to be home for the first few days, then I started to feel restless because some of my usual activities can be done in my hometown. For example walking from one place to another, I need to drive. Although on one hand, I miss driving too.

However, it gives me a chance to take a break from my routine. Which is good, if it’s breaking from bad routine. Often I found ideas or plan my whole year better when I’m at home, away from all the distractions I’m having while I was overseas.

I have 2 home for now, my real home where family lives and my “home” where I stays most of the time in the year which has many distractions, including work. It’s a good time to rest too.

One downside of going home is becoming lazy-me. I can stay inside my room whole day reading comic books if I’m not going out with friends or accompanying my mom running errands.

Lastly, being away from my family since 2007 when I went overseas for study, I found that I took some things for granted. But it makes me value more about the reunion day.

So, how was your Family Reunion Day?