Two sides of a coin

Do you have to drag your feet to work? Do you feel you’ve been assigned to tons of tasks which seems endless? Until you want to quit?

Or at least, she did.

One of my friends shared a diary of ex Singapore Airlines air attendant in Facebook. You can read it here.

After reading the post, it reminds me of my flying experience with the airlines few years back to Japan. One of the flight attendant was speaking to us excitedly about Japan and the places. I forgot about my nervousness about the trip in instant.

That time, she looked so cool!

Her story made me rethink about the coolness of a job. Sometimes we think what other people do is cool and ours is not. But there is always 2 sides of coin. As an outsider, we probably won’t see the other side.

Then it reminds me of this quote.

If you don’t like where you are, MOVE. You’re not a tree.

But, think how excited you are when you started your work, don’t you think we have some cool moment too?

  • sin

    Yeah, reminds me of myself a couple of years ago.
    I think it’s cool if you can feel proud of where you work since the beginning, but if it happens that you don’t like what/where/how you work anymore, then it’s definitely time to move on.

    • kartika9

      yes, i feel it that way right now hehe.. 😀