1/3 completed

This post will be the last post in April, which also means, we had walked 1/3 journey of our 2015.

There were few misses in following my own blog deadline, but so far, I didn’t miss a week. And neither the others weekly project that I have. Sometimes I need to scratch my head to find inspiration to write or post. But, if I don’t have the plan, I’m pretty sure I won’t even try to think. ha!

How is your journey so far?

New Cycling Journey

I’ve been starting to cycle again since Oct last year. At first it was because of Yowamushi Pedal (弱虫ペダル) manga which I read. It’s about high school road cycling. I got myself a hybrid bike because my dad prefer safety over speed. However, I got myself a road bike recently, because I want to move faster.

I’m still learning, in my honey moon period, about the right way to cycle on road bike.

New Discovery

About the surprises that I mentioned in last blog post. My boss is moving to a new role. I feel happy for him because he had been looking for greater challenges. So, now the responsibilities come to me. Learning to manage them all.

So, flipping back my log from Jan to Apr, I think I need to stay focus and sing along with the troubles rather than worry too much about it.

  • sin

    So, promotion for you too then ? Congrats !

    • kartika9

      Haha.. They are till trying to figure it out.. Wish me luck :p