The required price

Last week I attended a talk in a very cool office space. I praised the organiser that they have such a cool office, and they replied, it comes with the stress too.

I think most of us has something that we want to achieve but most of the time we don’t want to pay the price. For example, we want to get a good quality of cloth, but we don’t want to pay the price. Well of course, sometimes we have to shop smart too because it may over priced, right? 

Or, if I expanded it into another situation. We want to do something new then after hitting a wall, we said to ourselves, 辞めようかな (maybe it’s better if we quit) or it doesn’t suit me at all. 

Of course, that wall can also be a way to measure if we have the ability to pay the price. So, when it happened to us, it doesn’t necessarily bad. Let pause for  a while and give it a think. If you think, we can afford the price, why don’t give it a try?