Quick and easy vs slow and tough

Fast food, quick meal, short discussion, easy money.

Don’t you think that we are becoming lazier? Yes, technology plays its role to make life better and simpler. But it also makes us lazier. Don’t you think so?

I bumped into a colleague and we were discussing about fruit. We have one thing in common, we are lazy to peel the fruit skin so we chose fruits which don’t require extra effort, for example banana.

In our busy life, most of us wants to get something done quick and effortless. Who doesn’t? Whether it’s eating food or get promotion.

But, after sometimes, I feel it’s less rewarding and I feel less appreciate when I get or achieve the thing I want. Or rather taking it for granted. As time goes, I’ll feel something is missing and I keep searching for “it”.

“It” is our effort.

Some people advised me that choose a job that’s rewarding because by the end of the day, you’ll feel some satisfaction or accomplishment. Sometimes the reward or the feeling do not always come in short time. But nothing beats the feel when you have it. So, no matter in what situation, have we really put effort into it?