Note to self after a trip

Last week I was having a business trip to Shanghai for a training. I was so worried especially when I heard that Shanghai was cold and it was snowing on the week of my trip. Will I able to cope with the cold? The day before my departure I was having different worry. Should I bring my iPad or should I just bring my phone? How am I going to stay connected? And many more. Sounds trivial right?

Note no 1 – You can’t bring a lot of things because you have luggage capacity and physical capacity to carry the items.

Note no 2 – After you managed to select what to bring and just bring things that you think necessary for you, you’ll realise that actually you don’t need those extra stuffs. You realise what are important to you and what are not.

Note no 3 – Sometimes, or maybe most of the times, your worry turned out into nothing. It’s all happened inside our head. For example: I was worried if I can’t find any good movies during the flight. This made me to contemplate whether I should bring my iPad or not. After preparing some movies inside the iPad. How about if I feel I want to read comic instead? So I prepare few titles from the manga app for offline reading. (Never ending ifs)

Guess what, actually I managed to watch 2 movies that I missed out to watch on theatre, そして父になる and THOR: The Dark World. So, one of my worries didn’t happen.

(I brought my Japanese homework too, in case I’m in the mood to study. See how attached myself to all the things around me or overly prepared for a minor change in the weather)