Get out from your box

When I was studying back then, I heard a lot of advices from my seniors that we need to constantly challenging ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zone. I understood it, but I don’t know that advice  can also be seen beyond that.

With that in mind, I tried many things and put down somethings too. I listed down all the items or activities I’d like to have since I was a kid but I wasn’t unable to accomplish it or simply put my bucket list. For example, taking guitar lesson, buying a game console, toys, and many more. Sounds childish?

I think at some points, I just trying to reliving my childhood experience. Even, some of my friends told me that, my mental age is much younger than my physical age and I should act like my age.

Along the way, I understand better that advice. When you’re younger, you don’t know what do you want (only a few who really know what they want since young), so keep your mind open to any possibilities. Don’t afraid to try something new. However, as you grow older, you should’ve known better what do you like and don’t like. We can focus or spend more times with things we like. That’s how one of my friends summarized for me.

At some points, I don’t have difficulties to try something new, and I keep tried new things. Those things sometimes are not even my usual activities. For example, I used to think that it’s such a hassle to keep meeting new people, remembering new names, starting the conversation with the same set of questions and so on. And I think I’m somewhat shy when it comes to meet new people (some of friends said I bluff them). Recently, I just enjoy that activity, meeting new people, try to know them better. So, I kinda like it now.

When I discuss this with friends, their response was different personality. Some are more shy than others. I think it can be true to certain extent. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t do it. They just need to find a way their comfortable with.

Like what I mentioned above that I used to hate socializing. After sometime I found my way when I’m in that situation. First, to keep my mind open like a younger me. Be curious. When you’re a kid, we want to know a lot of things, we ask a lot of questions to our parents (and they are patiently answering our queries even the crappy ones, thanks for your patience mom and dad). When I switched my mind into “this-mode”, my worry is gone, almost.

The next one is practice. The more we do it, the more we get used to it and the worry will be gone faster too. And, to read more so that we have topics to discuss.

I’m not saying that we have to get out from our box, but I think doing it once awhile will give us new perspective or a reminder. For example, we will be reminded that we need to take baby steps before we can walk then run. We will be more patience to others because we will be more understanding, based on our learning experience.

And on top of that, find a balance between pushing ourselves out and to be ourselves. If you keep pushing yourself to get out from your comfort zone, I think, this activity had became your comfort zone. Try to stay. Looking it from the opposite point of view.

When was the last time you tried something new?