Last week Friday was a memorable experience for me. The company I’m working for held a dinner to celebrate Christmas. I know it’s a little bit early, because there will be a lot of people will go on a holiday starting 3rd week of December.

Anyway, every year they have different theme and this year theme is “Champion of the Champions” and my department sub theme is “Emperor’s Men”. If you think it in broader scope, then it’s related with Asian heroes or heroes from Asian.

Honestly, I was clueless at first. I hardly know female character (well usually you will pay more attention to opposite gender, won’t you?) Then I asked my brother and he gave me a list of names.

I even contemplated to do a male character; which means I’ll do cross dress. Some people do it; which I think will be interesting too.

After researching some costume vendors, I decided to buy rather than rent the costume. And due to time constraint, I have to use local vendors to minimize the delivery time and risk of loss while delivering.

I decided to be Kasugano Sakura from Street Fighter. The main reason is I can live up to her personality.

Kasugano Sakura Cosplay

Since this is my first time doing this, I was quite worried if I’ll be the weirdo in the party. However, almost everyone was dressed up. Some of my colleagues became empress, samurai or some fictional characters. We took lots of photos and posed a lot. I think, I understand now the cosplayers feeling when they are posing and people are taking their photo; it feels good.

group photos

I did selca (self-camera) photo (above) while waiting my friend to pick me up and received good response and comments from my friends. Some were saying that it looked good while others asked why it’s too simple. Well, everyone should start from somewhere right? 😉

photo stat

Now the party is over, we are all go back to our normal self. If you asked me, will I do it again in the future? I’d firmly say yes.  It’s more like a breather; to become someone else temporarily.