When you are angry with someone

Most of the times, when you are angry with someone and you can’t tell them for one or many reasons, you will feel that the anger consumes you from inside, which is not healthy for ourselves.

Sometimes too, the other party may not feel our anger (not all people are born to be sensitive with others). They think that everything is okay, despite we show our sour face? Yes, we need to acknowledge that.

So, back to the whatever reason we can’t tell them, we need to take action. It’s either we tell them or we let go. We can’t stay abstain; to be angry and doesn’t want to tell/do any actions.

If you can let go, it’s good. Part of our learning in life is to be more realistic, to have just-enough expectation. When we expect something too high, we may disappointed when it’s not up to our expectation. Some people said, then expect less. Well, I’d say it’s not good either, although we may have less disappointment. It makes us afraid to dream.

If you can’t let go, then do something. I’m sure that they will understand it when you speak it out loud why you feel angry with them. True friends will not afraid to say things which hurts because it’s for their sake.

So, don’t be afraid of speaking your mind out. It may be much simpler than you thought to resolve the situation.