Managing others expectation, managing ours

Managing other’s expectation is hard, but don’t you think that managing our own expectation is harder?

I found that it’s harder to manage my own expectation. One of my benchmark is I have to do more or give more than what is set for other people. For example, if someone can swim for 10 laps, I will aim 12 laps; if someone can deliver the work within 3 days, I have to be able to deliver it for 2 days.

Don’t I give unnecessary stress to myself?

Yes, in some way you can say so.
Recently I read an article written by one of my favorite blogger. He wrote about a soccer team name Barcelona (aka Barca). Barca can be named as one of the best soccer team in the world. They have great players. There are times when those players can’t perform, for example because of their injuries. Barca still able to win the game, despite they didn’t play it beautifully. (if you’re a soccer fan, you’ll know what I mean). One of the secret was Barca player practice more than the other team. By doing so, you can meet the bare minimum even though you’re not on your best.

Do I copy Barca method?

No. I just read the article recently. I guess it’s just a common sense. You stretch more so that you have a safety net.

What are the common stress when you’re using this method?

You think that you can’t do it at the early stage. Then after taking off, we will feel complacent and we think we can let loose a little. Usually something will happen and that is the kick we need to wake us up, and we start to do it again.

You’re saying you will deliver more for any kind of tasks, does that include the boring one?

Yes. Sometimes we need to lay low, and still deliver the best that we can do. How can someone entrust you with an important task if you didn’t do well in the small one. Make sense?

How do you cope with the stress you put on yourself?

It depends on individuals. But what I think, hobby will be helpful. For example I like to take photo or I like toy modeling. It draws me from my daily stress and concentrate on other. My brain is forced to think about other things. So when I get back to the whatever task I was doing, I can have a fresh mind and maybe new inspiration.

Lastly, what are the message of this post?

The message I guess, it’s good to have a high expectation, but the real challenge is not the end result, it’s how we manage it along the way. How we handle the situation, how we react, whether we change how we treat others. This is also a good way to know more about yourself.

Thank you for the interview.. Me..