Getting my feet back to..

I know that recently I’ve been not blogging regularly. There is a slightly guilty feeling inside for not sharing what I’ve been learning so far (not for showing off). The reason I was absent of blogging is mainly I lost my balance. There were a lot of things happened around me, and those were happened too fast than I could handle. I decided to take it slowly, trying to put things into its places one by one.

There were some posts mentioning to live in present moment, so I thought just use this as opportunity to learn/practice to live in present moment. Because I have a bad habit which I have hard time to surpress it, which is easily distracted by  things passing by right in front of my eyes. So I barely can say that I live in present moment.

So, I immersed myself into the present. I feel I was free from all my regularity especially after doing quite a lot of things in schedule.

However, that feeling was just a brief, honeymoon period. I felt so lost pretty soon because there were too much things in front of me. My greed to try all of them wins me. I, basically, absorbed into the roller coaster of life. I’m happy over things and I can get angry a moment later. If I can’t get what I want, I’ll throw my tantrum. I always think that I have to be vocal with what I want. That’s how I can get what I want.

I feel stress easily too. The stress from things around me, if they didn’t go well like what I want. I had some sleepless nights, and I can barely survive a day without coffee. I turned into a complain version of me.

Until recently, I feel I’m at my limit. I don’t know what struck my head, out of random, I watched a talk by my favorite speaker since the talk was on top of my suggestion list in YouTube. Then, after listening to the talk, I come to realise that’s the price I need to pay, for being attached into life. And life is teaching me something. This class was spanning for few months, I think this is one of the longest class I ever have lately.

So take away points from me are:

  1. Being in present moment is good. But don’t get too attached to it.
  2. Good and bad times come and go. Bad times are there to teach us something. To open our eyes, to make us remember what’s important for us.
  3. World is not revolving around us. Sometimes we forgot that we are not the center of the world. We need to learn to be humble.

Lastly, let’s ask ourselves. What’s life teaching you recently?

2 thoughts on “Getting my feet back to..”

  1. I’m going through a similar faze myself right now. Through to come up with a routine/schedule that will work and yet be flexible enough so that things don’t overflow into other parts of my life has become an enormous challenge.

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