What photography taught me #2

Here are some of the take away points for me:

  1. Master the basic
  2. Understand the rule
  3. Know your gear
  4. Have a picture in your mind

Back to basic

What are the basic for photography? Google it and you will find a lot of different answers. But for me, knowing the jargon is a must. At least we need to know what is ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc.

Rule, rule and rules

If we dig deeper, we can find lots of rule within photography. Starting from the most popular one is rule of thirds. Maybe you think, photography is an art why should we follow the rule. Isn’t art is about breaking the rule, creating a new ground, building atmosphere?

Well, I thought so too. I’m wrong. Guess what, it’s still important to know some of the rule. I remember the first time I learned how to code. We tend to stick with the way we code for the first time. It’s like a habit and it’s hard to change. So better find a good teacher, or build a strong foundation. After that, you can do whatever you like to do.

Gear up

When you buy a camera, how often do you read your manual? Did you ever open it? Or do you just keep it nice and tidy inside the box?

That’s what most people do. They don’t know that usually their camera has lots of functions. So, RTFM! 😀

Besides camera, if you’re using dSLR or interchangeable lens, then understand your lens limitation well. What they can do, how they can take pictures. I’m sticking with my kit lens for a year plus until now. Of course there are lots of setbacks if you are comparing it with the advanced lens. But have you conquered your lens?


Ok, let’s talk about art. Do you have how the final picture looked like in your mind before you’re taking a picture? I think most of us didn’t. We just try our luck. If it’s not nice, then retake it. That’s how the digital person mentality is. (read my prev post)