To connect

Thought of the day:

You will never know that sometimes even a small gesture from us, can be a great thing for others.

It works the other way around too. When we did something bad to others, we assume that it’s nothing because it’s small. But it can mean a huge blow for them.

Here is my personal experience:

I used to work together with a team which is located in other countries. We never met physically yet so far. But we have been working together closely for almost a year.

One day, I was told that they are visiting the country I’m at. And coincidentally, the week they come is my busiest week.

Adding some miscommunication and some technology issue, I can’t meet them because I didn’t receive the message about the meeting time and place.

They are just here for a short trip over the weekend.

But, here is the interesting part. Playing hide and seek with them.

Usually, I will think that it’s not the time yet to meet up. Because of a lot of obstacles I have to face to be able to meet them. So, most likely I’ll just give it up and wish that one day, our path will cross again.

But, somehow there is small clue that keep appears one after the other every time I failed to meet them.

I feel the urge to follow that.

In the end, they taught me something. Sometimes, you need to go extra mile for something that maybe not that important to you. But to others, it means a big thing.

Thank you friends for teaching me that valuable lessons.