The most important person #2

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The next day, I was by myself. I had a relaxing day; went to a massage, watched movie “Hanna”, did window shopping, and most importantly, I had a Internet day off during the day. (well, maybe not entirely off, but most of the time) and also, I put my iPhone in my bag mostly and check it occasionally.

And I find that it’s more peaceful.

Thirdly, I had a discussion with colleague that usually I don’t enjoy (for some reasons). But this time, I just tried to enjoy the conversation with my colleague. And surprisingly, it’s more enjoyable indeed.

So, lesson learn from this:

  1. Sometimes, you just need to give it another try, for doing things you don’t like. Save the prejudice and you may see/experience it differently.
  2. Set aside some time for yourself. Allow yourself to recover after all the hype you had. It doesn’t mean you’re a loner. Know your limit, ‘kay!
  3. Technology can be helpful yet it can be harmful. When we use it too much, too occupied with it, it will control our lives without we realize. (It’s pretty clear isn’t it).