Me and my alter ego

Light topic of the week. This post is credited to my friend because last week, a friend asked me a short and simple question, if you can be someone else, whom you want to be? Or, if it’s hard to describe, will you consider to it?

Think about it first and keep your answer in your mind.

Here is my answer..

1. Adventurer

I think the idea of becoming an adventurer sinked very well since I was a kid. To explore new places is very exciting.

2. Geek

Some of my friends said I am living it. But to me, a geek is associated with thick glasses, hardly go out, typing in command line, working in Unix platform. Which I’m not now. Maybe I’m above my peers but doesn’t mean that I’m one now (or it’s just a self defense)

3. National Geographic Photographer

One simple reason, the photos I saw on their site are simply inspirational. And it’s cool isn’t it, to be able to inspire people with your work?

4. Blogger

(again) It’s things that I’m doing right now. I love to write (I talked about it here, here and here), despite all the mistakes I made, I still love it.

Personally, alter ego sounds a little bit negative to me. It could be influenced from Batman movie I watched many years ago. But, I’m sure that everyone of us has something that we want it badly. But whether we tried and stuck or for any other reasons we can’t make it come true, it becomes our alter ego. A role that we wish to have.

If the chance to be able to live in 3 countries is counted, then I think, like some of my friends said, I’m living it, partially.

Sorry if you’re expecting something extraordinary like to become a super hero or somebody. Although to have one special power would be cool..

So what is your answer?