Finding my carrot [revisited]

In relation with my post earlier..

After sometime since I was asking question about what are the things that motivates us, I have the answer for myself. I have my “carrot” and I have my “stick”.

I use myself as example, my carrot is to produce a piece that will amuse people, a website in particular. I like to create something that is visually appealing to be enjoyed by people.

My background is not from creative line, in fact, from the technical background. I learned to develop website before I realized that I have interest in user interface design.

This is interestingly challenging for me. The reason is my peers are not in the same interest as I do, therefore I have to take the extra miles to be what I want to be. Thanks to the Internet, social media and any other online learning platform, which helps me a lot to learn.

Another thing I realized is, though you know your carrot, the road may still seem difficult to take. We will still face some bends along our journey, or some hills.

Then it’s the time for our “stick” to help us. Sometimes it seems difficult to find out what are the sticks for us, and one of the easiest approach is by finding out what I don’t like to do; the thing I avoid. That’s my stick.

To summarize, here are the steps that we can use to find out what are the things that motivates us:

  1. Find out what are the things we like to do, and it would be better if it’s a consistent activities that we do, not just impromptu activity that we do it on impulse. Have a talk with friends who know us well, by saying out loud it helps us to have determination. Or self talk will help too.
  2. Once we decided, stick to it.
  3. When we face challenges along the way, don’t deter.
  4. Find out what are the things we don’t like, it helps us to stick to our carrot. It also tests us whether we are really want that thing badly.

So, do you agree with me? Please share your thoughts.