Will you hold yourself?

Being quite outspoken person, I tend to blurt out some comments when I see something is not right or when people make some biased statement. Maybe for some people they will think that I like to debate or challenge their opinion. But actually I merely can’t stand of knowing that some people are boldly making statement without knowing the entire story.

Sometimes they just say “sorry”, but it doesn’t mean that it will always the fixer.

Anyway, recently it happens again..

A friend made a statement about some recent activities. I know that what my friend said is not entirely true because I am on the side my friend talking about. My first reaction is to defend my side, I wanted to rebut the statement but somehow, there was something holding me back.

I let my friend finished the statement, then I asked some confirmation questions by highlighting some of the key points my friend said. My friend confirmed it. I shared some information about what happened from my side, and I closed it with a statement that I will do something on my end, and asked whether my friend can do something on their end.

This experience is a rare one. Usually, I would be starting to think and to rebut and defended my side no matter what  statement the other party made. The same thing happens with the other side. It seems that the response is reciprocal.

So, what I learned this time is, sometimes you need to hold yourself and keep your head cool, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we lost the battle. Because there is no battle in the first place, most of the time, it only happens inside our mind.

Is there any situations when you hardly can hold yourself? Will you hold? Or will you just say it?