Fuel for the new adventures


When you’re going to some new places, you will feel so good, not even think about anything bad. Basically you just want to have some fun there. Well.. Maybe you may have some bad thought, but because of you are excited, your tolerance is higher.

When we are happy, everything seems work perfectly.

I just got back from (quite) long holiday in my hometown. Partially, I’m clearing my leave and partially, I want to enjoy, relax and catch up with friends. So, after planning the whole year, I have both.

When I waited for my plane from Singapore to Surabaya, I feel so excited. The reason is simple, I can meet my family again. After that, I called some of my friends and we arranged schedule for a meet up.

I met with my university buddies, though some can’t make it due to work, and high school friends. Maybe it’s going to be overly used in this post, but I was excited and looking forward to meet them.

We had great time of telling stories from different kind of life.

I arranged met out with my relatives too, basically I accompanied them shopping, eating and chatting. I see myself as a listener since I’m the most junior member among the big family. And, soon enough you can see that being a listener not as easy as it seems, because you need to give your time and attention to the speaker.

I also went for a charity concert, since my brother has bought the ticket but he can’t make it in the last minute. I went with his girlfriend. It’s a totally new environment for me, yet somehow, I feel comfortable (I used to be quite difficult to have initiative to go to foreign place). I even make some new friends.

Another catch up that I had is with my ex colleagues. Having worked in a small university make us feel like a one big family. This time, I hang out more with them. Well, some of my friends aree either getting busier with work or having their time with their spouses.

Anyway, let’s get back to the main topic.

I can remember it clearly, because I’m excited, I’m more looking forward for new things, I’m easily fascinated with the adventure, meet new people, have some jitters, and I just go with the flow.

Just before I go back to Singapore, I have some jitters. I feel so reluctant to go back. I told some of my friends. Some said, I had my holiday too long, other said, who’s going to be excited about work, and even someone teased me, maybe I feel sad to leave someone special there. :p

I had those worried, and started to think negatively. Until when I reached the boarding room, the officials greet me with warm smile and jokes. It hit me in the head. For not worrying too much and reminding me that I will have another excitements in the future.

So I told myself, to remember all the good things, the sweet memories I share with my family and friends, that’s the fuel for all the new adventure lies in the future.