Why learning something new may look hard

On a recent tv show I watched during weekend, there is an actress who is going to learn flamenco in Seville. She will have her class for 3 days at a local dancing school, taught by Spanish male dancer and at the end of her lesson she is required to perform at one of the pub.

It showed her hard time while learning the dance, scolded by her teacher, cried and kept her chin up high.

The interesting parts are the fact of the flamenco dances itself. Here is what I found.

1. Not just the technique

But to dance it well, you need to experience different things in life in order to express the emotion.

2. To be the dance itself

Her teacher said that, when you forget the movement, remember one thing, express what do you feel at that time.

3. Relax

When you learn something new, we tend to focus on how to do it right. However it will make us tense, and as a result, we make the mistakes.

My favorite part is

4. Baby steps

Usually we will not realize what we are capable of, until we see the big picture. Often, we only know bits of this and bits of that when we learn something. Practice them well, and you will surprised that we are able to use it all later.

Hope this will be useful to you too.. 🙂