A friend of mine posted a status in his facebook, mentioning about that today is a special day, because it’s symmetrical 1. If you read it from left or right. It brings me to think about special day. Do you have any particular date or day within a year that you think it’s special for you?

Special Date

I’m sure that birthday are the most common answer, either their own birthday or their partner birthday. Or sometimes anniversary can also be a special day for some people.

People get married on some special dates, people confess to their loved ones on some special dates, people move house on special date, everything we think it’s important, we will do it on special date.

What do you think about special day or date?

Most of the time, by thinking that some time in the future there is a special day waiting for us, it makes us:

  1. Looking forward to it
  2. Happy and excited
  3. Can’t wait till it happens

.. and many more.

On the other hand, when the special day is a “horror”, we don’t even want to think about it, and we just hope that it will pass soon, or just being cancelled for no reason.

So, happy special days or horrifying special day is actually the same day. They just takes turns. As there is ups, there is always downs. It makes our life balance.

To wrap up, everyday is a special day, don’t you think so?

Don’t postpone to make resolutions or make promises for some special day! It’s all the same day. We better act now because every seconds is precious.