Finding joy in our life

When you look around recently, we are seeing..
Bored, because we keep doing the same things for many times, many years
Tired, because we don’t have enough sleep regardless how long we sleep
Sad, because some people are leaving us for new adventure
Frustrated, because we can’t get what you want
Anger, because someone made us upset, or someone is upset at us
Jealousy, because others have what we don’t have

Let’s take a break for a while and have some chit chat, accompanied by some sips of drinks
.. with the wise side of ours.

The body screams, why are we sitting here for? There is so much things to do, we should start now otherwise we can’t finish it on time

The mind shouts, we are having this task now and that task will come after

The feeling says, I wish that I can have the life of that person

The wise listens, and asks them all..
Why don’t all of you try to turn your head and see the other side?

All of them turn, see the other side and surprised..
They find out that..

Our friends, who have their hands ready to help us and understand us, have been there waiting, it’s just that we are to proud to accept them

Our families, who have faith in us and accept us whether we fail or success, have been there standing, it’s just that we are sometimes forgetful about them

Our brothers or sisters, whom we fought a lot and played together while we were young, have been always there, it’s just that we think that we grown ups so we don’t need that kind of thing anymore

Sometimes we are blinded with the worldly life,
we lose our priority, we lose our way
there are things are meant to be more important than others

but we just lost in the jungle of life.

Thus, forgetful we are, there are a lot more than that around you.
Thus, let’s take some moment for a reflection
Thus, you will find your joy
Thus, you will know your way again

Have a merry little Christmas for you and your family.
And happy holiday..