Win, lose or draw

Recent lesson: there is no winning (or losing) in relationship (with friends, someone you close with, or your partner)

I have a friend whom tends to be late. She’s late to show for meet up, she’s going to work late (though she’s justify it by finishing work later, even it means to work overtime), she’s late to go for her classes, and many more.

To my observation, she tends to keep it to the last minute then she will rush to reach the destination. I went out occasionally with her, and what we do was rushing from one place to another, although there are times when we are not rushing, probably when we did our groceries shopping.

Last Sunday, we planned to go to some place, and set the meeting time to 645pm. One of our friend said, it would be just nice for us to be able to see the sunset from above.

One of my friend who is not going with us told me to wake her up. (have I told you before that they are my housemates too) I looked at the clock in our living room, it was 550pm. I went closer to her door and told her it’s 6pm. I’m aware that our living room clock was faster but I don’t really remember by how many minutes. Well, plus my bad rounding, apparently it was 540pm still.

Actually the reason I “marked up” the time was her late habit. I know her late habit so I was thinking let’s not late and let’s enjoy the walk instead of rushing it.

She woke up and her face looked offended, and told me it’s still early. And her face turned sour.

I may feel I win at that time, by not late. But in fact, I lose because we’re still late because of our other friends. I lost also because of our relationship may be at stake because of my ego, not to be late. Instead, I should be more realistic about punctuality (especially if I’m going out with her) or our friendship. If I don’t like to be late, I should tell her that (though that she might be late still) or I will leave earlier (since I don’t like to rush) to enjoy the scene or the traveling.

Note: For you who grew up in 1990s era, you may heard a TV show named “Win, lose or draw”. The game was played by two teams of three, one of them needed to draw something on the board based on the clue given, the other team members had to guess what it was before the time was up. It was popular among my peers, so popular that we call drawing game as “Win, lose, or draw” game.