Let’s find 5 things to be grateful at each day

Reflection of the day:

Reflection of the day

What would you do every morning after you wake up?

Do you often feels that the burden on our shoulder is heavy?

Do you worried about your future? Thinking that you might not get what you want?

Do you feel lazy to go to work? Or go to school?

Do you think that other people are so fortunate and you’re so unlucky?

Will you be jealous on someone over something that you don’t have?

How many yes answers and how many no-s do you have? Well, let’s keep it to ourselves. 🙂

I admit that sometimes when I was down, I might had almost yes answer on those question. When people are not in their top shape, or maybe tired, it is quite normal to think badly about any events happened to their lives. No matter how trivial the event is they will take it more than that. In the end, we often see people are complaining, not happy or grumpy.

Well, sometimes weather also takes part in affecting people mood, but I’m talking about general conditions, taking out the weather.

I’ll use myself as example. There are times when my thinker side is stronger than my other side. Consequently, I’ll think over something, even small matters, seriously. (or maybe take it too seriously). Later I found my “enlightenment” after reading a book. I should not take it too seriously, instead, I should look over the other side. What is life going to teach me this time?

I kind of agree that life is the best teacher. It will give us the lesson that we need to learn on the right time, regardless we’re ready or not though (:p) But once we learn our lesson, we move on and learn more about new things.

Another thing which I learned from the book is, when we try to find things to be grateful at each and every day, every morning after we wake up, it will somehow make our day brighter. It’s also an exercise to thinking positively. It was not easy for me to do this. Remember that melancholic tends to think negative rather than positive? Well, when I made a plan, I would think it carefully and as detail as I could, and even think some worst case scenario which might be happened. So, it’s quite natural for me to think negatively.

Wait, let’s pause and revisit the sentence.

I may think some of the worst case scenario and have some measures to prevent them. But that didn’t mean that I should think negatively all the time. Instead, I should think about the best scenario because I want it to be happened. And if the worst case happened, I have some cards in my sleeves since I have prepared some. You might ask me, how about if the worst case scenario happened was not covered in the back up plan. Panic? (I have my time panicking too) The answer is no. We still can learn something about this. For example, why this is happened? Why we didn’t think about it earlier? And most importantly, how to solve this.

Thinking negatively about life is tiring and it will suck all your energy. I’m not trying to sell “cheerfulness” here. But the idea is, thinking positively will give us some good time enjoying the thinking. 🙂

Wrapping up, as “exercise” the book that I read asked the reader to find things to be grateful of each day. I started with 5.

1. I have my job. I can utilize my knowledge to create or make something that can be used by other people or will help people around me.

2. I’m healthy and well.

3. I have my family. Although they are not physically close to me but I sense their trust and love to me.

4. I can have my meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5. I wake up in a safe place.

How about you?

5 Things to be grateful at

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