Is blogging useless?

One day one of my friend asked me during lunch time, what would I think about blogging. Well I have a blog and I like to blog. The reason is I can share my thought and with hope to inspire others. How did I start to blog?


It started when I was on my final year in high school. I was inspired, many times, by reading stories from Chicken Soup books. Most of the story are short and simple, based on day to day experience, as if my friend experienced it and share it to me. So I was thinking since simple stories can also inspire other people, why don’t I share mine too.

Some of the stories focus on motivating people. some of them focus on changing our perspective, how we can see things differently. Some of them, I found, made us feel gratitude for what we had.

Later, I knew the Internet, and I discover more inspirational stories. Blogging was not as popular as nowadays too though. I made mine for the first time when I was in university after I learned about HTML. I made it because I like web design and web programming, and that was my first project as practice (this how I fall in love with web programing world too). And I’ve been blogging ever since, from “manual labor”, different blogging platform and social network, until finally I had my own hosting and become this.

So, do I gain anything from this? Or what do I get by writing my blog? Financially, I don’t, at least for now. I still have to pay for the hosting and my domain name. Personally, I feel good about sharing. I don’t have any idea whether my stories are inspiring enough or my friend will like it, although I hope to, but this blog is also my life journal. In a way to reflect my thinking and help me through my hard times.

How blog helps me to solve my problem?

First. When I write a post, it made me think about one paragraph at a time. I admit I have some difficulties in focusing my mind on one thing at a time, and it’s kind of training myself to write about one thing at a time. Otherwise the stories will lost its coherence and the paragraph lost its cohesive.

Second. Sometimes, I feel the problem I’m facing is too hard. When I read back my previous posts, I found the same pattern. So, it made me realize that there is always some patterns in my life. I will have challenges on a certain period of time, I will think that how can I pass this, and in the end, not only pass that stage but I solve my problem too. Blog helps me to be my life journal.

Third. By writing it out, it helps me to erase my doubt over something. It reminds me of a story about we write mistakes on a sand but write gratitude or kindness on a rock. The writings remind me how far I grow from I used to be. When I read my previous posts,  I found that I had different language on how I write, different way of thinking, maybe I was a different person too back then.

Fourth, I always believe that good things are meant to be shared. I have been inspired many times by others stories, blogs or any other forms. So, I want to make a contribution, like a giving back for others by sharing my stories.

Well, about my friend, he feels that blogging is a big waste of time. He felt that people who blog share some not-so-important stuffs most of the time, like how they fight with their friends or maybe blog about their day to day activities. He feels like why those people want the rest of the world know how stupid they are, how useless they are by posting such a silly stories. It could be that he may be have not found good blogs to read yet.

To conclude, how do I feel about blogging? I love it. How do you feel about it? Do you think the same as my friend? Or do you like to blog too?

  • Jemmy

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure :p
    The problem with the information overflow these days (including so many blogs out there) is the need of a powerful filter 😀