Yeah, I’m getting closer to my dream actually

On a recent casual talk with one of my best friends, he asked me whether I have achieve my chilhood dreams.

I used to have many dreams. My dreams were changing from time to time although some remains the same. I believe that those which stays are those I want it badly. Back to his question, what are my dreams? It took me a while to recall my dreams.

getting closer

Then I told him that I want to become engineer. I used to admire one of great engineer from my country (BJ Habibie) he was one of the most favourite figure among kids during my time.

He told me that I must be happy that I’m living my dream now.

Well, we can say that engineer is a very broad term and I guess, information technology (web developer) can be subset of it.

(Hmmm.. I never think of it)

The second and third dream were about to taste how’s life outside my hometown and my country, and to live or work abroad.

He giggles and told me, wow, you must be very content now, since I get to make my dream come true (again).

And when I continue to list them, which I haven’t achieved, he told me not too worry since I’m getting close to it. All I need is to keep moving forward and to believe myself that I can.

This conversation happened when I was not confidence about myself, doubting myself whether I can achieve what I want. In the end of the conversation, I learned something or I was reminded to be more precise. Sometimes, we feel that life is so hard and we’re so tired when are we going to reach our destination or goal. Most of these times, we forgot that we have been walking further from our starting point, whether we walk straight or we make turns; we forgot about ourselves since we are used to it, we live it everyday; we forgot that we’re strong and capable to achieve our dream. Quite often we need to be reminded about our dream and our strength by people who care enough about us.

I feel much better after it, I start to “evaluate” myself, what I have done and what I haven’t done, whether I give myself enough time to play around along the way or too much play around. So, when you feel that your journey is “heavy”, maybe you can try to list or write down your dream, any dreams from any time in your life, the accomplished one and the not accomplished one. Then you can start to notice that actually you did more that you thought.

(Does it sound familiar to you? You may like to read “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, about achieving your childhood dream)