Talking about our life experience, would you prefer quality over quantity?


Quantity means you prefer to experience many things, maybe not too much details in it, but at least you have tried it. While quality means you want know more about things rather than just know it

There are times when I just can’t decide whether I should spend more time on solving a problem or try the best solution found so far and move on.

I like to imagine myself as an adventurer. When you play RPG, you choose a role, follow the path, gather experiences then you can level up. I draw the same analogy to myself. If I were in a game called “life”, I need to gather experiences so that I can level up.

But, sometimes I overdo it. I was too engrossed adventuring, trying to get more and more experience. In the end, I may have tasted many different things but I didn’t have great memory about it. It was just flashes of experiences.

I also have some quite memorable experiences. These were happened when I was just give all what I got to it. I can remember the details of it (though loss some of them as the time goes).

So, if I was asked which one I prefer more? To experience or to taste different things (quantity) or to put all I have in every single thing I do (I may not have the time to try different things later)?

Different person may have different answer; depends on their preferences, personal style or goal.

Personally, I would prefer quantity.

Because I feel there is no harm to try new things, to make turns in our life or to taste a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I discover quite a lot of things by trying different things, I like to call it as life tasting moment. I also can discover what I was really like too. Or who knows that our new interest will help us in the future.

But to some extend, we also need quality of the experience, or ideally we should keep it balance. Not too much trying different things yet still adventurous enough to try new things.

We are surely know what we want in our life right? Well maybe not, but we know what we like and dislike. I like to use it to know whether I should try more or I just go ahead with the best solution I have in hand. So, since we know what do we really want and do not want in our life, we should focus on the things in front of us regardless it’s a new experience or old experience. We focus on the quality.

How about you?

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