(Less than) 3 minutes intro

Recently, the company I work for asks each of us to write a short introduction about ourselves. So that each of us can try to understand better about others. Below is mine.

If I am not a web developer, I would love to be a movie reviewer.


My weekends are spent by going to gym in the morning, cleaning up my room and house (on roster), watching movies with my friends in the evening or having brunch on Sunday as well as doing the groceries shopping.

Room Cleaning

My last meal on earth would be super spicy mie goreng or tahu telur from my hometown.

Tahu Telur

I want the face of Drew Barrymore, figure of Catherine Zeta Jones and voice of Celine Dion.

(I picked randomly for this part though… :p)

If I have a million dollars, I will look for a good investment, use the profit I gain for charity and take a good care of my parents and my brother.

I deserve the Best Employee Award because I’m fun, cute and adventurous, err.. can cross that out, the reasons are I work my best with little supervision.

Guilty of .. nothing. I have lots of small things, but none I kept. Life is an adventure, mistakes are part of it.

In simple, a Mac fan girl, photography enthusiast, movie addict and blogger at heart.

  • my best friend has been in an Anger Management class for 2 months now, he improved a lot when dealing with anger.;”