my (not typical) weekend – final

On Sunday,

It was 10 a.m when I came out from my bedroom. Ugh! I was the last one who woke up, almost. Apparently, I was the second. Well, I felt a bit weird when I woke up late, but anyway, these two days were really made me tired.

Ironing the laundry form previous day and lucky me, it wasn’t that much. Hmm.. I suddenly feels like want to go to McD nearby, had a breakfast set and more precisely, I want to complete my Doraemon set ;p

I told my flatmates my plan, that I might go to the nearby market to buy some supplies for cooking lunch. And one of them told me that she wanted to join me for shopping.

Out of my habit too, I felt that I want to clean the window, not only my room window but also all house window. What an ambitious house cleaning target!

(enjoying snow fungus desert and humming save the last dance when Michael Bublé song popped out from the playlist)

It took me more than 2 hours to finish it. Well, I made a few pit stops in the middle, to drink, to eat and to sit, after couples of ups and downs as in body toning class. It was exercise in disguise for sure. 🙂

Now looking at the clean crystal clear window, I was very satisfied. Looking at my room, I was satisfied too. Looking at the dishes I made, I was satisfied.

To conclude, I like this weekend, though that it was totally unplanned. My original plan was to sit down, to have a date with my mac, to update my website, or to read novel, probably. Instead, I was having a tiring activities which now made my legs slightly sore now. But I was having lots of fun!

PS: When I wanted to enjoy my time, finally, looking at my crystal clear window, cool air con after cleaning the filter. I can’t close my window blind, and my air con can’t be turned on. After perspiring fixing the window blind and wondering about the air con, my housemate told me that she switched the main power off, since the other one want to wipe hers. Ha!