Keeping a Journal

On facing my obstacles…

There are many forms of obstacles in our life. And I believe that each of them is designed uniquely based on our needs. You can say it “haute couture”, a fashion term which means specially tailored to suit our needs.

Until recently, I often think where am I going from this point of my life? Is that life is the life that I really want?

Last year, there were 2 things which I told myself to achieve. Firstly, I should get enough field experience as web developer, then find a way to enter research in IT industry, well, for example Google Labs or Microsoft Research.

After working for my current company for about half a year, I still didn’t see my path to achieve my destination. I become less motivated nowadays. I have to admit that I feel that my skills are somewhat improved, although it’s still far from the requirement – when I saw the requirement on their websites.

It’s one of the nature law which I taught since I was a kid, “there is always something exceeds the other thing even above the highest mountain.” No matter how hard I try to master the required skills, I always some steps behind.

Secondly, I see myself as not so patient type of person therefore I also told myself that I need to be more patient, more mature and wiser. I learn a lot about my second point within these half a year.

So, now I’m at the point of doubting myself whether I can achieve my dream or not. I often get the feelings that I’m not that great in coding yet I want to be in that field. Instead of focusing on my strength.

Until recently, I read one of my friend’s blog. He’s a writer of personal development blog. You can follow his writings here. One of his tips to keep ourself motivated is, by keeping a journal.

This reminds me that how I like to write in the past, until now too :).

I remembered that there were times in the past when I was so morally down, I can stand up again after reading my own thoughts that time. Therefore, now I try to write my thought more and more. I stopped writing recently because of there are so many things in my mind, too much thinking you may say. :p

And I’m considering to post some of my old thoughts that I never posted before, to share some stories and as reminder for myself.

Oh forgot to add a closure.. :p

I believe that I should not waver about my own dream. I should believe myself and keep my eyes open about other things in life. It’s not about always achieving or getting things we wanted, but also learning how to deal with situations when we could not get what we want. 😉