Just a little..

Well, let’s wait for the next one, that’s what I thought when I saw the elevator door is going to close soon. But, a pair of eyes inside looked at me, quickly pressed the button and the door brought to open again. I saw it, fasten my steps towards the elevator, yeah, I managed to go in.

I looked at my saviour, or my little saviour. She’s just around 7 year old, I think. Primary kid most likely to be true. I smiled at her, thanking her for holding the door for me and before I gestured to press my floor, she made the first move asking me, “Which floor are you going to?”

Wow, what kind of attitude, I thought. I told her, “4th floor please”. And quickly added thank you again after it. I was so tired today, I was looking down, the elevator floor. But somehow I can see her observing me from the corner of my eyes. I looked at her, and smiled to her.

When the elevator reached my floor, she’s quickly pressed the button to keep the door open, I looked at her, she’s a lovely kid with big round innocent eyes looked back at me, and I say thank you yah! to her. Somehow I feel an instant booster was injected to me. 🙂

Every morning on my trip to work, I greet the bus driver good morning and whenever I can, just before I left the bus, I’ll wave my hand to the driver and say thank you. I like to see their happy face when I greet them.

It may sound a little bit unusual. Well, honestly, I developed that new habit just recently too after studying abroad last year in Melbourne. I observed that people like to greet each other, even if it may be just for ice breaking the conversation. But, it has a good point, it makes people feel to be more appreciated and proud of what they do.

Like I heard a great teacher shares this tip on his talk. “Praise will get you everywhere. Because it will make people big hearted, not big headed.”

The first time I heard it, wow, what an amazing view. And since then, I started to practice it. It wasn’t that easy for me during the earlier time I decided to make this as a habit. I kept forgetting to say it, and just realized it when I left the place, or when I was too nervous to talk. But, as the saying that practice makes perfect, I keep on reminding myself that nothing to be worried about and just relax, be calm, and remember that to say those magic words. I like to think that those are small little words which may make your day the other way around.

As in my work place recently, I was working on a project with another colleague. At first, I feel some distances between us. It’s normal I told myself, since I’m the new staff there. So, should I expect that I can get close to them instantly, well, it’s taking some time, right.

Besides that distance, I also sensed some frustration in him. I don’t dare to ask the reason to him, instead, I try to be normal. I don’t like to be questioned about the thing which made me stressed out, since it usually makes me feels more depressed. Anyway, I decided to use the same approach to him. I greeted him and have some small talks in the morning or during break or maybe at the pantry side during lunch time.

From my observation, I think he’s just stress out with his work.

Anyway, (see I like to wander even when I’m writing) with his work, I found some differences between his approach and mine. It’s normal. But I think, the way I speak is somewhat to direct or in the other way, maybe too harsh to him. I can see him giving me frowning face.

Well well.. I think I shouldn’t be like that. Sometimes, when we’re depressed, we tend to say something which may hurt other because we’re hurt. I remind myself to be more patience to myself so that I can be patience to other. That’s my resolution for this year.

As today we have another discussion on the project again. We gather in the computer and discuss the problem we encounter and brainstorm the solution possibilities. First, today is Friday. Secondly, everyone is in a good mood, maybe related to the first one. So the discussion went smooth as a silk – borrowing the term from a song I used to heard.

I changed the way I describe my idea so that no one feels offended. And true enough, by allowing a little things called praise, our discussion was really in a good atmosphere. Despite the dark clouds was hanging outside our office. 🙂

The morale  of today’s experience is, a reminder for me, to us, that doing little things can somewhat lift the moods and eventually and who knows that it will influence people around you. Once I was told that positive energy is contagious too. So instead of spreading the negative energy which creates foul mood, let’s be a happy bee 🙂

So, don’t forget to be more encouraging to other people. Let’s left the misery of life inside the fridge. Hehe 😉

Have a nice weekend folks.


PS: don’t forget to add one more spice called, sincerity, when we do it. Because it will make it has more sparkle. 😉 and she hopes that the little angel can inspire her friend and make her parents so proud of her.