Be quick and fast or..

One of the twitter wonder for me, knowing useful links of articles from a friend. He likes to post self learning and motivational websites. Recently, he posted a link, titled “Failing Quickly: Failing can be one of the most productive things you can do.” Curious with the article, I visited the link and it brought me here.

It’s very interesting article if I may say. It highlighted that instead of worrying that you may fail, let’s say, your exams, or maybe you’re worrying because because you’re going to face something big ahead like facing your deadline, why don’t we just face it, get it done, and obtain the result. Most of us, I believe, have tendency to go around and around before doing the main thing. It happens on me at least. People are commonly rather doing something else like trying to distract themselves before the main “course”. For instance, I tend to have this habit before I do mine, for instance I have a new project, difficult one. I will let myself to have a little fun before doing it. It’s more like a mind relaxing for me. But, I realise that sometimes I did that because I was too stress or worry what the outcome would be. Well, I called those times as programmer’s block haha 😀 (reasons to justify my actions hahaha..)

Anyway, if you read the article, and I really recommend you to read it :p, then you’ll know what I mean in the previous paragraph. Related to that, I like one of the quote that my friend posted on his facebook status. Then when I “google”-ed it, I found it by Leo Buscaglia.

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. ” Leo Buscaglia

Because sometimes we just worried too much about it, then we can’t sleep well, eat well, or do well. Anxiety is what they called it. 🙂 However, I’d see the article about encouraging people not too afraid of making mistakes. If I put it as an analogy, the world itself is a big playground for all of us and never too old to play around and enjoy ourselves. Like “boys will be boys”. As we grew older, we are more “prone” about making mistakes, and sometimes, we’re careful too much so that we don’t make any mistakes. We’re trying our best to meet someone expectation, boss, colleagues, peers, families, etc. Then, without realizing it, we put too much burden on our shoulder, we stressed out and then we flatted out.

There were times I wondered about doing my best on solving problems. I’d like to deliver the best, either solutions or work. But, there were limitations, which could be our knowledge, our experience, or our understanding. So, when we could not meet the “ideal”, we also tend to deny that we’re not ready yet. 🙂

So what comes to my mind after experiencing those is, I’m still going to try to do my best, but instead of putting pressure too much or expecting too much on myself, I will set more reasonable goal or milestone. I will set it according to my knowledge, my understanding and my experience. There is no point to set something that you can achieve, as those are part of life process not instantly part of us. We’ll get that, through learning and experiencing, that’s why they called it experience and learning process. It’s not instant, noodle can be instant, food can be fast food, but not with our life.

I like to put my “life journey” as a character in RPG games, there is a friend of mine who thinks the same too by the way. When I was in early years of my life, a novice, our “level” will go up pretty fast. And as we on high level, it’ll be more and more difficult to get on the next level, we need more experience, we need to face “big bosses” of the stage. Well, when I play those RPG games, I tend to spend more time to up my level before going to face the boss, until I surpass certain level, then I dare to face it. :p Don’t you think it’s quite similar to what I wrote just now? :p

Actually, we don’t need to be in that high level, because when we optimized what we have, it’s more than enough to beat the big guy, isn’t it..?

So, would you still be worry about your next big thing? I hope you are not, as I also will try to tackle it one by one. As classic saying said, do not let your problems multiply by taking it one by one. 🙂

Whoops, almost forgot to put a conclusion hehe :p

I think failing fast can be productive for most of us, but I also believe that we should listen to our inner self. We don’t afraid or worry about our next big thing but we just be on our own pace. We need to pace up ourselves too though… :p

What do you think? 😉