[my] today’s headline

[ring ring ring]

Picking up the phone and I heard someone asked to speak to me, it’s Jenny, my company-soon-to-be HR. I can sense the exciting emotions from her voice, telling me that she received letter from MoM (Ministry of Manpower) regarding my application status.

I was accepted.

I was preparing my lunch at that time, just barely finished putting all the ingredients into the rice cooker. I was cooking brown rice with brocolli and carrot, and steamed egg. Then I checked my email, and actually, she has attached me the letter.

Somehow, I felt surge of relief.
Last week I was informed that it took the MoM people around 2 months to process my application, so I was not hoping too much to be accepted.

[after having my lunch]
Now the problem is to find printing station. I need to print the e-letter she sent to me. I will need the letter to go to clinic, do my medical checkup which are X-Ray and HIV blood test, collect the result, go back to Jenny to get her sign then go to MoM. Okay, put them in a to-do-list:

  • print the letter
  • find a clinic
  • do blood test and x-ray
  • collect the result
  • go to office-soon-to-be, meet with Jenny
  • do my paperwork at MoM
  • collect my EP
  • Okay, so far I crossed two out of six things to do.

    I tried to calm myself down and started to ask my friend where I can print the letter. After chit and chat here and there through MSN and YM (thanks heaps to my friends who responded my “emergency calls” during their business), I decided to go to MRT station near my place, go to film processing shop nearby, as my friend suggested so. I was doing some photocopying last week, I guess, maybe they’ll do printing as well.

    I asked the shop attendant about the nearest clinic to do medical check up, she suggested me to walk along side the road and gave me the approximate location of the clinic. It was not more than 15 minutes walk under the Singapore hot afternoon sun and seems longer since it was so hot.

    Took a queue number, called by the receptionist and stated my intentions. She told me that I don’t have to do it there, and advised me to go to any GP.


    I asked her where is the nearest GP in the area, and she told me that near the MRT station where I was printing the documents.

    [double alamak!!]

    Well, I walked back to the place I was printing the documents, and like what the receptionist told me and not like what I thought, it’s a small GP clinic which has dental clinic. (I only saw the dental clinic sign without realizing it was clinic too >.<)

    I had my blood test there. Then I need to go to different place for my X-ray, to a suburb where another clinic my friend suggested is located. [hmmm…]

    Anyway, since the clinic reception where I had my blood test explained to me that I don’t need to go there to collect the result, I agreed and begun my trip to have my X-Ray.

    Sooo… To conclude my day, I finished what I need to do and wait for the result before doing the rest. I rewarded myself with cool ice kacang at nearby food court. Bought some little surprises for my housemates, for giving me courage and cheer me up 🙂

    Now, I’m going to have fun playing badminton, another way to reward myself, since this morning I didn’t jog.

    See you in my other story 😀
    [I was wondering whether someday I can be a novelist :p]