Leaving on a jet plane :D

Borrowing the term from a song title, yes, today is my last day in Surabaya because tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Singapore 🙂

This is not my first time fying overseas without my family, but somehow, whenever I remember that I’m leaving them soon, well, I was trully touched and merely just wanted to cry :p

This time, I didn’t have big feast, I just have small farewell lunch with some of my ex colleagues, thanks to my bro (in accidental mode, if you get what I mean). But, it’s quite fun actually, so still thanks to my bro. Before I left to Melbourne, I had a farewell with senior colleagues including my boss. Now, I had it with fellow lecturers. It’s really different.

This time too, I feel that I’m close to quite a lot different people than before. I gain more friends, maybe lose some 🙂 but I learn a lot from my recent activities, though that (I felt) it’s not that productive in terms of working. But, I can appreciate my “new” friends more, and maybe if I didn’t feed my pride at that time, I might be cultivating our new relationships.

(It’s getting late, so I must quickly wrap up so that I have enough energy for the excitement and joy tomorrow :p)

I hadn’t plan farewell with my hang out friends either. I was joking with one of them- I met them again after coming back from my studies anyhow when I threw farewell party. So I prefer not to have a farewell because I don’t want to see them again for a while haha 🙂

I dedicate this post to say thank you for all of my friends whom I can’t mention it one by one, and  I would like to tell them いってきます (read: ittekimasu) – I’m going/I’m off.

I hope that we’ll cross our path again in the future (hope that it will not that soon :D)
Someday, somewhere, by chance ~ taken from Ganbatte Ikimasshoi!

Looking forward to my new adventure, in Singapore. Osh!

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