Looking back and connecting the dots

Third weekend since new year just passed, I think I kind of used to the rhythm of this year plan.

This week I had an interesting conversation with two people about what’s next for them. One of them is new to the workforce, while the other one is not.

The young cub told us his dilemma about finding a permanent job. Both of us shared our journey back then, about moving forward and be selfish for our growth.

I told him that most of those were my mentors’ words. Because I feel like having some anime moment when I can see stars in his eyes.

Rainbow eyes meme

As the conversation goes, I feel I need to hear them again. As a reminder.

Come to think of it, I always think that I’m in that cub position and didn’t realize that I’m not anymore.

As Ajahn Brahm said, young people will have young people suffering and older people will have their own. So I guess, I’m experiencing somewhere in middle. 😉

Thanks to the young one, I get reminded that you may have aspiration to be somewhere or be someone, but without you realizing it, sometimes you are the inspiration for others.

Steve Jobs said it’s about connecting the dots backwards, not forward. Where my dots will lead me to?

That’s yet to be found.. hehe..

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the cool Singapore for awhile.

Yishun cat

PS: not my cat, he’s the neighborhood cat near my place I’m staying

Why feeling uncomfortable can be a good thing for us

First lesson from life this year is about being humble.

When you had been working on a project or doing what you have been doing for some years. you probably started to think that I’m the expert.

Well, definitely wrong.

There is a saying that “猿も木から落ちる” (reading: saru ni mo ki kara ochiru) which means, even monkey can fall from a tree.

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6 October 2011

Today will never be an ordinary day any more, because of Steve Jobs. Apple co founder and ex CEO just passed away.

Steve Jobs

There are lots of expressions people wrote in the Internet about his death. So, I will just write my piece here in my blog.

I woke up around 4 in the morning today and I didn’t hear (or see) any news from my twitter stream, until my friend messaged me in Facebook‘s messenger. She said, she just heard a shocking news from CNN. Therefore I opened my iPhone and Google his name. Then I saw the news.

Another friend messaged me through MSN messenger shortly after that. I received a condolences from different friends from different medium, ie. email, whatsapp or facebook wall.

I’m not, definitely, related to Steve Jobs at all. My friends, who know me so well, know that I am an Apple fan girl. I like Apple products as much as I idolized Steve. He’s such an inspiring person.

The news is not unexpected since Steve decided to step down as Apple CEO. (*I updated my status, changed my profile picture (added the mourn badge)).

It’s hard to express it in words my thoughts about him. But,  I summarized it as:

some people love him, some hate him or maybe loathe him, but to me, he is an inspiring figure. he had his bad times (or even did something bad) but he is MORE than that.. Thanks a lot Steve, for Apple, for Pixar, for NeXT and your amazing iDevices..

His inspirational commencement speech in Standford will keep be playing in my head. I’m sure that he’s not living someone else’s life.

So, adieu Steve! Thanks for making a dent in the universe..


PS: If I were happened to live in the US, maybe I’ll pay a visit.

PPS: Having an iPhone really changes the way I interact with news and people. There are so many ways to stay connected.

PPPS: I definitely need to buy his book now, ha!

Inspiration is..

To you, what is inspiration? Do you think you are an inspiring people? How do you inspire people? Or maybe inspire yourself? Do you think it’s important to be inspired?

Have you ever thought of those questions? I have. I leave some of the questions for you to answer. I’ll start mine on how do you inspire others. I have 4 points I want to tell:

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Sometimes life will give you what you need and not what you want

If someone asked you, name 3 things that you want to have right now and it can be anything. What answer would you give?

I’m sure, we have bottomless wishes or things that we want to have in life. Whether it’s a status, money or (maybe) someone?

Maybe for us who watched Aladdin and the Genie too much, we will be clever enough to have some imagination to ask another 3 more wishes on our last wish.

Anyway, when you feel that your life is hard on you here are some things you can keep in your mind:

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Connect the past to reach the future

Recently, I listened to Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University graduation in 2005 again. I have listened to that speech many times, yet I still find it inspiring. (Some of my friends think that I’m such a Steve Jobs worshiper, oh well, I respect him with all his unique past ~ you’ll find different him by reading some books about him or watching “Pirates of the Silicon Valley”).

Anyway, in this post in relation to my recent experience, I’d like to share about 2 things he talked back then.

Do you ever heard about “connecting the dots” of your life? Or maybe do you ever heard Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University few years back? You can google it if you haven’t see or listen to his speech.

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A thing called passion

My friend said a very interesting statement yesterday, “Although someone has interest on doing some kind of work, doesn’t necessarily means he is the right person to do it. Sometimes you need to go beyond normal, to give more than what you are required to do.”

The conversation was happened during our lunch time, and we were discussing about work (well sadly yeah, sometimes we discuss about work even during our lunch time).

Her statement made me think about some of my past experience, about going beyond things.

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