5 lessons from “The Smurf”

1. You are not defined with you are born with
But it’s how you want
Smurf born and name like their personality, but although you are the clumsy smurf, you still can be the hero

2. Do your job well
Every smurf has a role like their names, and they specialized in it.

3. Do your job happily
When smurf are working, they will sing, they enjoy what they do wholeheartedly

4. Make mistake, acknowledge it, forgive and move on
Even the wisest papa smurf can make a mistake. He has a big heart to acknowledge it. To make mistake is human.

5. Chances may come for 2nd time, but it will never be the same again
When it comes to choose, sometimes our logic wins our heart. But remember one thing, if logic won, Tim Cook will never join Apple and will not become what he is today. So, listen carefully.

PS: I wrote this yet I forgot to publish this. :p