Breaking out from our shell

Last week we have a year end dinner with colleagues and as usual, there was an award presentation for long service with the company.

One of them is our top leader.

In his acceptance speech, he said that he was quite laid back person until his wife decided to quite her work, to focus on their family. He added that his wife was having a good career, better than him. At that point of time.

Her sacrifice made him able to focus on his career. To evolve into the current him.

I find his sharing about earlier part of his life journey was quite inspirational.

At that party I asked myself, when will I have that moment? To have the heart to leave some of the things I really like to do now and focus on the few activities only.

I find it easy to adopt a new thing, make it to be a habit, but I have difficulties cutting them down. Eventually I dropped a few to date, through “natural selection”. As the time goes and I don’t have time to do it. And mostly my logical self made me to do the important things first.

It also reminded me of what one of my friend told me sometime back. That at certain stage of my life, I’ll turn into someone who is boring and safe. He sees me as someone who thinks life is like adventure and big playground.


I haven’t found the answer yet, whether I’ll change quite drastically, or when I’ll have that moment, or what kind of person I’ll be in 5 or 10 years time.

But one thing I know, life is like running a marathon. It’s a long run. Rushing it won’t help me to reach it faster as I might ran out gas earlier and walk at much slower pace to complete it.

Do you have similar experience like this? Did you find the answer? How did you overcome it?

My best trait is

If someone asked you that question what will be your answer? While you think about it, I’ll share mine.

That question popped into my head this morning. (I think) I don’t have any special or best trait because I’m just average. Here are 2 examples why I think I’m average:

  • As a primary school/junior high/senior high student, I didn’t belong to the bottom of the class but yet I didn’t belong to top student who usually actively participated in competition and won them. There were few occasions when I can get full mark. However, my performance wasn’t always consistent.
  • While studying programming, I couldn’t understand instantly as my peers nor write very complex code which works efficient. I was an okay student. I can solve the problem, just took me longer to find the solution. I can write the code which still serves the purpose, but maybe not as efficient as my friends.

Generally, I’m pretty happy with what I have at that moment.

Do you think that we are brought to be modest about ourselves? That we shouldn’t confidently said that we are good at something? That there will be someone better at whatever we do, when we claim we are good at it?

Or maybe it’s just me who grew up with that value 🙂

Back to the question. My best trait is persistence. Especially when it comes to something that I like. If I can choose 2, then the second best would be self control (thanks to the fact that I’m left brain dominant). I can push myself to do something which I was worried or afraid to do (for whatever reason) :p

So, how about you? What is your best trait?

Side note: it’s been awhile I don’t have a lot of self talk with myself. I started to think that actually this blog serves as media to sort out my thought out loud. I think it’s perfectly fine to claim that we are good at something though. It’s not to brag it but to set a direction or to define what makes us different with other people. In blogging, every post has tags or keywords. Those are our tags or keywords. Kartika is associated with gadgets, technology, web development, otaku, and so on.  

Me and myself

A glimpse of time in the morning with myself.

Why are you keep pushing me to somewhere else?

  • No, I don’t

Then, why you don’t want to be there anymore – where you have friends and family?

  • I just don’t want to be troublesome for them, just it

FYI, you’re not troublesome to your family and friends. Well, maybe sometimes, but it’s not bothering them.

  • Yeah rite

No no no, it’s true.
Don’t you think you shut them down from your life too soon?

  • No I don’t! .. Do I?

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